Choosing your summer bedding

With the return of the warm weather, it's time to put away your winter bedding and get out your favorite summer bedding products!

At Pyrenex, our bedding products are 100% manufactured in France in our Saint-Sever workshops. This know-how is the assurance of a perfect mastery the guarantee of an unmatched quality. Filled with feathers and down from the best farms in Aquitaine, the Pyrenees and Poitou, our bedding line is entirely custom-made and checked on site by our dedicated people. Learn more about the Pyrenex know-how.

In order to best meet your interior needs all seasons long, we offer various bedding items, such as duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, decoration & accessories.

It is true that in summer, our interior needs are quite different compared to winter. Indeed, we prefer to sleep with a light duvet, or we even prefer the use a simple blanket, or a small cosy plaid when temperatures become milder.

Bedding Pyrenex

All about the language of Pyrenex summer bedding

When you choose to equip your home with Pyrenex bedding, there are a number of indicators to consider to best meet your expectations.

When it comes to duvets, throws and plaids, here are the elements to take into account.

  • Pyrenex natural filling is made up of goose and duck feathers and down in varying proportions depending on the use and the desired effect of the product. Indeed, feathers and down have different physical structures which give them specific properties. To find out more, see the page on natural down. 

  • The weight varies according to the use and the desired effect of the finished product. For duvets, the more down per square metre, the warmer and fluffier they will be.

- Summer duvets have a weight of 80 to 150g/m².

- Temperate duvets have a weight of between 150 and 220g/m².

- Warm duvets have a weight of more than 220g/m². At Pyrenex, they can have a weight of up to 270g/m² for the warmest ones.

  • TOG is an English unit of measurement for thermal insulation, i.e. the ability to catch air and exchange it quickly. The higher the TOG, the warmer the duvet. For example, if a duvet has a TOG of 12 on the product sheet, it is a very warm duvet, ideal for winter. Another example: if the product sheet for a duvet indicates a TOG of 7.5, this means that the duvet is very light and ideal for the summer.

TOG Pyrennex


  • The strong point of Pyrenex is the fill power of its down – the measurement unit of its ‘loft’ or ‘fluffiness’. Calculated in CUIN (cubic inches), it measures the capacity for a certain filling weight to puff out to a certain volume: the greater the ‘puffed out’ volume, the higher the insulation performance and lightness of the down. Products with fill power greater than 500 are already considered to be of very good quality. However, the exceptional down legend 1859 offered by Pyrenex in 90% down, or 100% down in some products of excellence, boasts of an impressive fill power of 850 cuin.

Fill Power Pyrenex

  • Choosing the outer layer : The density of the weave should be quite high so that the down is unable to escape. This density is calculated according to the number of threads/cm². The minimum amount for a casing which needs to contain down is 78 threads/cm². The greater the amount of thread/cm², the more the material will be fine, light and soft to the touch.

By taking all this information into account, you will be able to choose the right bedding for your interior and sleeping needs in spring, summer and autumn.

Temperate duvets: a must for mid-season (and not only)

Temperate duvets are popular with many sleepers because of their versatility. Some people sleep with a temperate duvet in winter if their bedroom is well heated, although most sleepers prefer it in mid-season. It is possible that some chilly people will sleep with a temperate duvet in the summer for extra warmth and lightness. This versatility is the result of the weight of these duvets, which vary between 150 and 220g/m² and allow better heat regulation.

We advise you to choose a temperate duvet if your bedroom is heated between 18°C and 20°C. In our stores and on our website, you will find many models such as the children's version of the Colombie, the Moorea Plus, the Saint-Lary Plus, the Papeete Plus Santé 180g/m² and the Papeete Plus 180g/m².

Furthermore, if your need for warmth and lightness is constant throughout the year, temperate duvets will ensure your comfort whatever the season. Note that some models of temperate duvets have an anti-mite treatment and can be paired by snaps.  


Temperate duvets Pyrenex

Our light duvets: ideal for sleepers looking for freshness and lightness

Summer duvets are best appreciated in the spring and summer seasons when temperatures exceed 20°C in the bedroom. With a lighter weight, ranging from 80 to 150g/m², they provide comfort, lightness, breathability and above all coolness throughout your warm nights.

Thanks to their cotton cover, they allow you to sleep softly without the fear of "sweating". On our website, you will find a wide choice of light duvets with an average weight of 100g/m². We offer you the Luchon, Moorea, Lausanne, Papeete Santé 120g/m², Papeete 120g/m², Saint-Lary, Papeete Santé Light and Papeete Light duvets.

For people who are more sensitive to hot weather, the summer duvets can be used all year round.


It is important to know that all our Pyrenex duvets have a 100% cotton cover. This material offers you comfort and breathability. Moreover, it is a solid material, which lasts in time. New this year, the Luchon summer duvet is made with an organic cotton cover, an ecological and natural material.

Light duvets Pyrenex