How to wash and take care of your down jacket?

A down jacket will keep you warm

A Pyrenex down jacket garnished with 100% French duck down and feathers is like a little sleeping bag that you would wear on your shoulders to go out. Thanks to its tree-dimensional geometrical shape, a duck down provides warmth, lightness and comfort to a jacket. This un-skippable clothe when the temperatures get low is made with feathers and down exclusively coming from French farms where animal welfare and environmental priorities are of high standards. With our Oeko-Tex certification, our down jacket and bedding products are free of harmful substances in order to protect our earth.

Taking care of your down jacket

To maintain its thermal properties, you need to follow a few guidelines to look after your favorite Pyrenex down jacket. The most critical aspect is to make sure you don’t wash it more than one time per year – if you don’t wear it in the context of a physical activity. On the contrary, should you use your down jacket for your excursions, trekkings or other biking activites, you could wash more regularly. Similarly, don’t wash the entire jacket if you happen to have a stain on it. Carefully removing it using soap and clear water would be much better! Regarding the proper washing, you have two options: take no risk and give your down jacket to the dry cleaner or simply follow our guidelines below!

Washing your jacket garnished with down and feathers

First of all, your jacket must be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° and in a synthetic cycle if you want to clean it using a washing machine. During the cycle, it is necessary the jacket can remain in motion and uncompressed. For this, there is a very famous trick: placing tennis balls in the drum.

These balls will prevent the jacket from being saturated with water by ventilating the feathers of the down. The spin-drying should be soft to avoid damaging the down while drying it by hands will consist of pressing your jacket using towels. Above all, do not twist the jacket to dry it!

For the final drying stage, and above all: never dry a down jacket on a radiator! You can dry it in a washing machine or on a drying rack, but it will be imperative to regularly tap your jacket to separate all the feathers from each other to prevent them from forming balls of feathers. Respecting this step of feathers dispersion will ensure you to restore the swelling and heat properties of the down jacket. Finally, never stock away your wet clothes, at the risk of seeing them rot.

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