Pertex fabric down jackets and windbreakers

For this spring 2021, we offer you protection against the elements and comfort in all your outings thanks to the Pertex® Quantum Pro technology of Pyrenex windbreakers.

Last winter and for the next one, our mountain down jackets are also featuring this “double protection” technology against the harsh weather thanks to the Pertex® Quantum Pro fabric combined with Pyrenex very own down and feathers filling. The motto: warmth and absolute comfort to meet your outdoor adventure needs.

Pertex® down jackets

Pertex® windbreakers

Pertex windbreakers Pyrenex

All about Pertex® technology

Pertex® Quantum Pro is a fabric used on many types of Pyrenex products thanks to its ultra-water-repellent property which offers increased resistance to the weather in extreme conditions. The insulation of this fabric offers a very high level of water resistance while remaining light, soft and breathable.

In addition, this fabric offers true rapid evaporation by dispersing moisture. Water does not have time to soak into the fabric and is immediately rejected. In addition to these highly technical actions, this fabric insulates perfectly from the cold and prevents hypothermia during periods of inactivity. 

Pyrenex has chosen to offer products in Pertex® fabric to meet the needs of every adventurer and athlete, who may encounter adverse weather situations and extreme environments.

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Our Pertex® windbreakers collection

For several seasons now, Pyrenex has been manufacturing windbreakers, technical and modern pieces that have become essential for mid-season and summer wardrobes.

This summer 2021, the R&D team is bringing a brand new range of windbreakers in Pertex® fabric to meet the need for protection against seasonal weather conditions (rain, wind, hail).

For a windbreaker to be effective, it must be water repellent, not waterproof. Indeed, a 100% waterproof jacket does not optimise the breathability of the body, particularly during sport activities. For this reason, our team has chosen the Pertex® fabric in our windbreakers manufacturing process in order to bring the best in terms of protection and comfort.

The Pertex windbreaker collection for men and women features short and long jackets, in pastel or sober colours. Suitable for every outing, in the mountains, at sea or in the city, Pyrenex windbreakers will protect you, with style, from the changing weather.

All windbreakers can be worn with skirt, shorts, jeans or technical trousers. You will enjoy its practicality during any physical activity in nature, whether it is a hike in the forest or in the mountains.

Women's windbreakers

Men's windbreakers

New Pertex windbreakers Pyrenex

Our collection of mountain down jackets in Pertex® fabric

Last winter, Pyrenex announced its return to the mountains by unveiling a capsule of mountaineering down jackets in Pertex® fabric designed to meet the temperature requirements of mountaineering and the technical needs of climbing the highest peaks.

Highly water repellent thanks to the Pertex® Quantum Pro fabric, the Hudson XP (men's version) and Meije XP (women's version) down jackets can be worn in extreme conditions (-20 degrees).

Throughout the process of this mountain collection, our ambassadors and athletes have tested our prototypes and products in real conditions, thus affirming the technicality and reliability of our down jackets. You can read the article about Lara Amoros and Yann Borgnet, who went to Georgia and Chile to test our mountaineering down jackets in real conditions. 

Victim of their success last winter, our mountain down jackets will be renewed next winter in 2021 with our iconic models which are the Meije XP (woman) and the Hudson XP (man).

Technical down jackets

Pertex down jackets Pyrenex