The plaid: home decoration and warm winter

When autumn comes, the first freshness and rains give the desire to snuggle into a soft and warm plaid on our sofa. Plaid is used in a variety of ways. It has the pleasant function of being a natural down that can cover you, whether you are moving or standing still. It can also be a nice element of home decoration that brings warmth, placed on a bed or on a sofa for instance.

How to choose the ideal plaid for your sofa?

The softness and the thickness of the fabric are the two elements to take into account if you wish to be well at warm on your favorite sofa. Other than this, a perfect plaid is to be chosen according to your tastes! Moreover, it comes in various colors and can be found with illustrated motifs as original as sober. For a cocooning home atmosphere, the natural down and feathers filling will undoubtedly bring a touch of authenticity and warmth to your living room. This natural down is a sober and chic home decor.


Which colours to pick ?

The key to having a harmonious home decor is to choose the color of the plaid according to the style of your living room. Warm colors like yellow bring nuance to your space. While a sober sofa couch blends easily with any decorating style.