« UP AND DOWN », a film by Dylan Moron

Dylan Moron, photographer and videographer passionate about outdoor adventure and a long time Pyrenex down jackets lover, tells us about his great 3000 km trek across New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail in his film "Up & Down", released on Sunday 19 May 2021.

He briefly tells us about his adventure as well as his reasons for wanting to make this film.

"In October 2018, I decided to follow my dreams and travel through New Zealand. However, shortly after arriving, I came across a very interesting article about the Te Araroa Trail: the longest hike in New Zealand. From that moment on, I had only one goal in mind: to make my very first adventure documentary. So, for this reason, I started a 3000 km adventure across a whole country. Besides the beauty of New Zealand's landscape, this journey allowed me to meet inspiring people from different backgrounds who shared their personal experiences and inner journey with me. "

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Through this film, Dylan Moron wants to send a strong message to all the people who are hesitant to live their own adventure and he reminds us how beautiful nature is and the place of Man in the exchanges.
"The main aim of this documentary is to inspire people to go o

n their own adventure, to explore and discover the beauty that nature has to offer. But I also want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone by challenging themselves because we are all capable of doing amazing things regardless of our age, gender or background. That's why I chose to interview 6 hikers from different backgrounds so that everyone could identify with one of them. I didn't want to make a film about my own personal adventure, the aim was to interview different people so that they could share their personal experiences and learnings as each person experiences their adventure at their own pace and in their own way.

In all honesty, before starting this journey, I was thinking about the incredible landscapes that I would be able to see and immortalize on my way. In the end, what really impacted this experience was all the people I met, they deeply marked my adventure and made it unique! Today, when I think about the Te Araroa Trail, I think first of the faces of the people I met, even before the beauty of the landscapes. This is to say how much this human dimension is present."

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On this 3000km journey, Dylan Moron was equipped with a number of down jackets, vests and a Pyrenex sleeping bag made from natural French down to make the most of his adventure in the warmest, lightest and most comfortable conditions possible.

As shown in this photo taken at 1925m altitude at Stag Saddle in the Two Thumb Range (the highest point in Te Araroa), Dylan was wearing the Montardo down jacket from the 18-19 collection. This year, 20-21, new mountain jackets are available for mountaineering and hiking.

The nights are cool at altitude and Dylan asked us to provide him with the ideal sleeping bag for his New Zealand trip. So he set off with a Nepal 800 sleeping bag to make the most of his bivouacs and overnight stays both indoors and outdoors. allowed him to face the low temperatures during the bivouacs. Filled with 100% natural French down, this sleeping bag allows him to tackle relatively cold nights (temperature limit of comfort at -3.6°C), without the slightest apprehension.
This Nepal 800 sleeping bag

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