Which sleeping bag for a trek in high altitude?

The sleeping bag, an important element during a trekking or a hike

Picture yourself: you have walked about twenty kilometers in steep mountain paths. The sun begins to set on the snow-capped peaks and as a result temperatures are beginning to fall. In order to enjoy the sumptuous panorama offered by nature without being refrigerated and spending an aweful night, it is important to be well equipped. A sleeping bag is not something you choose lightly, especially for a night in the mountains. You will have to be warm without having previously been forced to carry extra weight in your backpack. The sleeping bag will have to withstand moisture and keep heat to a minimum. On the market, there are types of sleeping bags: synthetic fibers filling, goose or duck down & feathers filling, shaped sarcophagus… with some being able to keep you warm even in negative temperatures. This article will explain how to navigate among all these models.

Tips for choosing your sleeping bag:

First: your sleeping bag must be light. During a hike or a trekking, your backpack must be forgotten as much as possible to allow you a pleasant exit. It must also be as light as possible and should strive to take up little space. Second: your sleeping bag must be very insulating and to do so it must be well padded/filled. The padding and softness of a sleeping bag will not hurt your back after a warm night. Another important element for choosing your sleeping bag is the comfort temperature (guaranteed by the EN 13537 norm). Indeed, a hike in summer on a plateau where the temperature drops to 10 ° will not require a sleeping bag that can go down to -20 °. Regarding the shape of the bag: the sarcophagus shape is the most insulating one. Finally, ensure the quality of the seams so that your bag will not be damaged in time and ensure a perfect long-term insulation.

The perfect sleeping bag is in goose or duck down:

If you want to find all these qualities in a single sleeping bag, it is advisable to choose a sleeping bag 100% goose or duck down. Those sleeping bags combine all the qualities listed above. They are light, very insulating, warm, made of natural materials and are soft.  

In summary, a sleeping bag must be:

• Light and compact

• With a natural filling

• Soft and padded

• With a suitable comfort temperature

• Solid to last over time• Sarcophagus-shaped

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