Women coat autum winter 2018/2019

Leaves are falling down from the trees, days are getting shorter… winter is almost here! Winter means cold: do you know which coat to wear in order to stay warm and stylish? Follow our lead to discover the latest winter coat trends and find your ideal women parka / jacket. Colours, fits, logos… Everything about women fashion, right now!

Winter 2018/2019 : the must-wear colours

If there’s one single piece in your wardrobe which allows you to bring light amongst those gloomy winter tones, it’s the coat! This winter’s colours are no exceptions. Choose a deep blue instead of a marine one. This bright colour will enliven your style. If you are found of warm colours, you will be pleased to see that yellow is still a must-have in our wardrobes. Seeking for more originality? Don’t hesitate to fall for other warm and vivid colours: pink, green or bright red, you have the choice, don’t be shy! Not to mention the purple which has been voted pantone colour of the year! And if you are more into classic and discrete tones to complete your dressing, you can opt for a nice and clean kaki green, or elegant Bordeaux red.


The parka, the women coat must-have this winter 2018/2019

The Parka is undoubtedly this winter’s star! On the podium or in the blogs: this coat is all over the place and allows to stay warm and comfy with putting style and fashion aside. With waterproof fabrics, wind breaker ability and its hood, you can’t but live winter cold with a large smile on your face wearing a parka. Useful and adaptative, you can wear a parka with a pair of jeans and boots for an urban-chic approach, or even with a dress for ceremonial occasions.

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