A new aesthetic

Manufacturing lightness

A new aesthetic is emerging, inspired by nature, by respect for the environment and for a local production. Pyrenex is goes further in its commitment by developing models with a larger proportion of recycled elements. This season we are emphasizing our Made in France knowhow by expanding our Saint-Sever 1859 collection.

Autumn / Winter Campaign

As our relationship with the city and nature is evolving, silhouettes are adapting to new aspirations between comfort and technicality. While a new chic is taking shape, both casual and sophisticated, to better adapt to new mobility.

collection Iced Coffee

The Spoutnic Vest, Harmonie, Hailey and Spoutnic in their Iced Coffee colourway

montagne hiver saint lary

French know-how

Pyrenex redefines its know-how in terms of cold protection and brings this technical expertise to the new Autumn / Winter collection: timeless pieces designed to last and protect, season after season.

pic du midi de bigorre coupoles

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