Autumn / Winter 2022-23 Lookbook

A series of down jackets and coats filled with 100% French natural down. Colourful and warm pieces to wear, cherish and pass on : welcome to the new Pyrenex Autumn / Winter 2022-23 youth collection.

Unisex Spoutnic down jacket

Unisex Cheslin down vest

Unisexe Source light down jacket

A one-of-a-kind natural down

As our relationship with the city and nature is evolving, silhouettes are adapting to new aspirations between comfort and technicality.

Sten 2 down jacket

Fusion mid-length down jacket

Authentic unisex parka

Spoutnic Shiny down jacket

Sten 2 down jacket

Authenthic Shiny parka & Goldin 2 down jacket

Vintage Mythic unisex down jacket