Renowned for its ancestral know-how, the Pyrenex factory has been beautifying down and feathers for nearly 160 years with the same passion and dedication. This heritage finds echo within our two product families: Clothing and Home.




Elegance and comfort for those iconic pieces that have shaped Pyrenex’s identity, especially the “Spoutnic” and “Authentic” down vests

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Modern design and lifestyle-oriented products using innovative materials: this collection gathers both outdoor and urban pieces

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Saint Sever

Saint Sever 1859

The Saint-Sever 1859 line is Pyrenex’s 100% Made in Saint-Sever line. All products of this range are manufactured at our feathers and down factory in Saint Sever, south-west France. They are filled with the unique Duvet Legend down, developed through Pyrenex’s exceptional know-how.

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We have been part of yours dreams since 1859. You will never forget your first night with a Pyrenex duvet, a combination of softness, warmth and lightness!

Our bedding range is entirely Made in France in our Pyrenex factory located in Saint-Sever.
Duvets, pillows, blankets :
we are changing forever your vision of sleeping by providing you with the best possible products.

Duvets & quilts

Pillows & bolsters

Mattress toppers



A prestigious line associating high-end garnishing with unmatched fabrics. When comfort meets luxury.


Rigorous components selection, natural garnishing and attention to details provide comfort, warmth and softness to this premium range.


We bring innovative products with a wider spectrum of personalization. Because every sleeper is unique.


Pyrenex introduces Greenfirst®, a natural anti-dust mite treatment using essential oils and preserving your bedroom harmony.


All our know-how and excellence dedicated to the little ones.


We carefully selected the best synthetic fabrics to guarantee softness and comfort.


A collection tailor-made for your everyday comfort at home. Refined fabrics and soft materials to accompany you during your favourite cocooning moments.


Baby room

Home decoration textile