At Pyrenex, thermal insulation is a priority. Thanks to a unique know-how in the making of one of the world’s best natural down, our down jackets, parkas and vests offer a natural filling with an exceptional filling power allowing to protect your body from very low temperatures in winter or during mid-season.

Each jacket is recommended for a specific temperature range. These temperature ranges are provided only for guidance.

These temperature ranges are provided only for guidance. In extremely cold conditions (under 0°C or 32° F), we advise you not to stay still and to keep a light activity, even while wearing your natural down filled Pyrenex down jacket. We also advise our customers to enquire about local weather conditions and follow any advice given.



Cocona : Active particles permanently embedded at the fiber lever capture and release moisture vapor to prevent liquid sweat from forming and help cool you down when you're hot. The same active particles trap energy to warm you up when you're cold.

Pertex® : Pertex Quantum Pro uses an ultra thin water resistant coating to provide increased weather resistance for extreme conditions.

Sagafurs® : Certification ensures responsible fur for the fashion industry. Saga fur leads the industry in sustainability as the only fur seller with a supplier certification and auditing programme on the environment and animal health and welfare.