An invitation to travel

The Spring / Summer 2024 collection embodies a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics, offering both protection and comfort in a refined style. Its shades evoke a journey along the water, from the Pyrenees mountains to the waves of the Atlantic coast. A story written between the peaks of the Pyrenees and the ocean.

Spring / Summer 2024 collection

The color palette of the new collection follows the path of the sun, the first dark glow of dawn in themountains, the zenith of the end of the day with whitish pastel colors and then theflamboyant colors of sunset on the horizon.

Doudounes sans manches

Draft down vest and Cindy raincoat

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French know-how

Pyrenex redefines its know-how in terms of windprotection and brings this technical expertise to the new Spring / Summer collection: timeless pieces designed to last and protect, season after season.