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From jeans to canvas trousers, from the little dress to bermuda shorts in fleece, all these children's clothes can be perfectly combined with a Pyrenex garment. Our kids clothes collection mixes materials and colours to please the greatest number of children, boys and girls, while keeping the spirit of adventure cherished by our brand. Our range is based on simple but essential values: durability over time, weather protection and lightness.

Warmth, more warmth.

The autumn - winter 2022-2023 collection brings together short down jackets and warm parkas, all filled with natural upcycled French down from our Saint-Sever factory. These timeless but trendy pieces are a must for cold days, in winter as well as mid-season in autumn and even spring. The spring-summer 2023 collection focuses on this idea of lightness and softness with light and thin windbreakers that accompany our kids everywhere in the summer season, and with t-shirts and sweaters in soft and comfortable organic cotton.

It's nothing new: our children love to move, run, jump and let their cravings for activity run free while rarely taking care of their clothes... We are well aware of this and have developed a range of quilted jackets designed with resistant materials and fabrics, often waterproof for intense use throughout the seasons without overshadowing the incredible warmth and lightness of Pyrenex natural down.

Durability, but also trendy and fashionable.

Our kids clothes collections do not forget their need to assert themselves. Our bombers, down jackets, parkas and windbreakers for boys and girls are available on our eshop in a wide range of colours, materials and above all cuts and lengths. Classic and chic style or more urban or sporty look, synthetic fur or real fur: there is something for every taste. Every jacket, t-shirt or pullover brings a touch of style to the girl's or boy's wardrobe with this emblematic Pyrenex badge.