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The mattress topper is a welcome addition to your bedlinen, your sleep and, of course, your mattress. It’s designed to maximise comfort, support and warmth during your nights, while providing an extra protective layer for your mattress. Many people can do without it, but once you spent a night on a Pyrenex overlay, it will be hard to go back…You can also use it to improve the feel of an old mattress, or to personalise a new mattress, while providing it with good protection.

Our Pyrenex online shop now carries a wide range of quality mattress toppers of variable thickness. For pleasant moments of relaxation and for the most comfortable sleep on your favourite mattress, choose between soft or firm overlays, with different densities and thicknesses, and a variety of models. Depending on your needs, choose a duck feather and down weight between 1300g/m² and 1650g/² and a thickness between 4cm and 8cm.
Pyrenex products are 100% made in France with natural feather and down filling, meticulously selected by us. This guarantees exceptionally high quality and comfort: sleep better, live better!
Our Pyrenex overlays are available in several sizes: 80x200cm; 90x190cm; 90x200cm; 120x190cm; 140x190cm; 160x200cm; 180x200cm and 200x200cm.

All purchases of bedding on our online shop, including overlays, benefit from our free delivery and return policy, as well from 100% secure payment. What are you waiting for? (Your bed is waiting for you!)