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To choose the best pillow , it is important to know your usual position when sleeping. For those who sleep on the side, a soft or firm pillow might be suitable. For sleepers who lie on their backs, a soft pillow is preferred. Finally, for those who sleep on their stomachs, a “flat” pillow may be more appropriate. Also, it is important to bear in mind that the density of the pillow defines its support. The higher its filling weight, the firmer firm support.

Our soft pillows, such as the “Campan” pillow, are made of 100% natural duck down from the Pyrenees. Thanks to their soft comfort, those pillows are perfectly fitted to the shape of your head while remaining cozy. They provide freedom of movement and a soft comfort to make sure you fall asleep easily! The “Campan” pillow is for instance suitable for those looking a nice and comfy support for their heads. It is more suitable for people who sleep on their backs.

Indeed, it will maintain an optimal position throughout the night to avoid lower back or neck pain. It can also be suitable for people who sleep on the side. Our soft pillows come in many forms; either the classic square shape or the rectangular one with different sizes: 50x70cm, 50x75cm, 50x90cm, 60x60cm, 65x65cm. If you are looking for a pillow that is neither too flat nor too firm, the soft pillows will be your best night companions! Delivery and returns are always free and online payment is secure.