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All Pyrenex know-how is tailor-made for our toddlers and teenagers! To stay protected from the cold while remaining trendy, our boy and girl down jackets, parkas and warm coats are essential clothings. Our new autumn / winter collection of jackets provides comfort and softness combined with strong and durable fabrics, while guaranteeing every child a great freedom of movement. Among all our models, you can choose from a wide range of colours and a large variety of technicalities: windproof or waterproof jacket for instance, ideal for mid-season and winter.

Incredibly efficient and very similar to most goose down and feathers, our French Pyrenean duck natural filling is the perfect ally to provide warmth, lightness and breathability, even when the temperatures are very (very) low. This one-of-a-kind filling hails from the best farms of South West France. With a strict and meticulous selection inside our own factory in Saint-Sever, we are able to produce a down with an exceptional filling power which conveys unmatched insulation capacities. This natural duck down will keep and regulate your body heat as best as possible.

Pyrenex know-how combines style and trend with comfort and durability. Whether you choose iconic – more classic – down jackets and parkas such as the Authentic or Spoutnic kid models, or new and trendy pieces such as the Montardo puffer jacket, you will always find Pyrenex touch, that is to say warmth and style. This season, we’ve added more colours and flavoured with bright red, orange, blue or purple declinations. Icing on the cake: we re-invented our iconic vintage Mythic down jacket for both boy and girls, adding a retro touch that we all love at Pyrenex.