How to choose the right duvet cover for your bed?

As with mattresses, choosing the right bedding comforter is important when you want to enjoy a good night's sleep. Of course, choosing a quality bed duvet cover is often an expensive act in terms of price. However, it must be seen as a long-term investment in order to enjoy a restful sleep. Below are few tips to help you choose the right comforter:

Choose a high-quality filling

The main difference between a quality bedding cover and a cheap one depends mainly on its filling. Compared to a polyester filling, a natural down filling provides much better thermal insulation. The down ensures a natural temperature regulation while the feathers give the comforter a springy feel for a more comfortable sensation. The advantage of choosing natural filling is that it allows air to circulate easily. Down and feathers prevent condensation, which can limit your nightly sweating. Down and feathers have been at the heart of Pyrenex know-how for over 160 years. Although expensive, we have chosen this material to produce top-of-the-range comforters, thus guaranteeing you an incomparable longevity of the product.

Did you know ? Thanks to its know-how and experience, Pyrenex has developed a duck down that surpasses the characteristics of goose down, which is generally more voluminous than duck down: the "Legend 1859" down, the "fine flower of down" with unprecedented insulation and lightness performances.


The choice of fabrics

The choice of fabrics used in a duvet cover also has an impact on the quality of your sleep. By favouring natural fibers, such as cotton or silk, the thread will be denser and tighter, which will allow your comforters to last over time without ever breaking or getting damaged. At Pyrenex, all of our comforters have a cotton, combed cotton or satin cover. They also features high quality premium finishes, a standard in our made in France bedding items.

The sewing types

Depending on the type of sewing used, the down inside will remain more or less in place. Natural down comforters tend to spread out; a checkered quilt - which is the standard at Pyrenex - for example, will serve to better maintain the filling in place so that it is evenly distributed and avoids heat loss as much as possible. Our comforters often have a checkered stitching with a double stitched finish and cotton piping to limit the loss of down as much as possible.

The right grammage / filling power

Choosing the right grammage for a comforter also makes a difference in its insulating role. In general, for summer comforters, a light grammage is recommended, whereas in winter, it is better to choose a heavy grammage. To help you, the " TOG " index is ideal when choosing the right weight:

The right dimensions

To choose the right size of a comforter, it is important to consider some parameters such as the size of the bed and the size or the body of the sleepers; on the other hand, some choices will be based on your sleeping habits or on the preferences of the desired fit. If, for example, you move around a lot at night, you should choose a comforter with good coverage, which will move less easily. In general, we count 30 to 50 cm of additional length to the size of your mattress.

Certifications and labels

Through the labels, the consumer has an additional guarantee on the products he will buy. The labels in the textile field guarantee a major quality of the fabrics used or its manufacturing method. If you are allergic to dust mites, consider the GREENFIRST® label: it is a completely natural, plant-based anti-dust mite treatment that guarantees performance even after several washes.

Did you know? To provide you with better quality comforters that last over time, Pyrenex comforters are certified OEKO-TEX® and GREENFIRST®. The OEKO-TEX® label certifies the 100% absence of substances that are harmful to human health, both on the cover and on the inside.


You can complete your bedding with a quality pillow by choosing a natural down filling that will contribute to your nights of restful sleep.