Pyrenex x Andrea Crews

For Andrew Crews 18th birthday, Pyrenex is renewing its collaboration with the brand for the second time by providing 18 iconic products for upcycling.  In plain colours, the Spoutnic, Vintage Mythic and Ewan down jackets have been retouched around the word "Transformations".

A total of 18 unique pieces from the Pyrenex x Andrea Crews collaboration are available on the website

This exchange allows the two brands to communicate together on environmental and social values and to inscribe Pyrenex in the upcycling landscape, through the creation of exclusive pieces re-using stocks, handcrafted and unique in France.

Pyrenex x Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews, forerunner of upcycling

For 18 years, Andrea Crews has been shaking up the fashion codes, thanks to her innovative approach to upcycling and streetwear couture. Andrea Crews' style is oversized, unisex, colourful and daring, playing on material mixes, strong prints and the diversion of dress codes. This fashion is declined in two lines: the High Street line and the artisanal line made in her Parisian workshop in the « marais ».

By seeking to enhance the value of clothes that brands no longer want, Andrea Crews has become the forerunner of upcycling. An important environmental action that echoes the history of Pyrenex.

Andrea Crews x Pyrenex

Upcycling at Pyrenex

Pyrenex, through its history founded around natural French down, which is a waste product recovered from the food industry and then reworked to make a noble material ("upcycling"), is deeply attached to this notion of sustainable development.

In addition to 100% Made in Saint Sever bedding, the brand is committed to a dynamic growth in local production in the short circuit with the Made in Saint Sever line of jackets. Our future collections will also incorporate models designed with recycled materials.

Finally, the brand is currently working on an ambitious project around this issue to lay solid foundations at all levels of the company in order to reduce the company's environmental footprint season after season.

Pyrenex upcycling