Waterproof jackets: innovation dedicated to performance

At Pyrenex, we are convinced that technicality and comfort are key to quality. Thanks to our experience in outdoor garments, we offer several ranges combining breathability, waterproofing or water repellency, technicality and freedom of movement.

Waterproof or water repellent jacket? A matter of balance

For a down-filled jacket, breathability will be the essential point to look for, whether it is intended for sports or more urban use, for extreme cold or for more temperate climates. Our technical water-repellent fabrics on most of our items in our spring/summer or fall/winter collections will be a huge advantage in providing you with the comfort and protection of our down jackets. The Ripstop Quantumpro PERTEX ® fabric on a selection of mountain down jackets is ultra-breathable while remaining water-repellent, as on our Meije mountain down jacket for women or Hudson XP for men, or on our Will or Wonder windbreakers.

For these technical items, a fabric that is too waterproof and neglects breathability will prevent you from staying dry during a sport activity, if the perspiration from your body does not evacuate properly.

In our more urban range or our children's range, which are suitable for everyday use, water-repellent or highly water-repellent fabrics will protect you whatever the circumstances. The filling must remain dry to ensure good insulation, which is why we use fabric types that are breathable enough without being a complete barrier to water on this type of naturally filled product. In case of heavy rain, just let your down jacket dry in the open air, or put it in the dryer if the care label allows it, following our advice: detach the fur if needed (they are all removable), put the jacket in the dryer at low temperature with dryer balls, until the down has regained its loft.

Which type of waterproof or water-repellent jacket should I choose?

If you choose a waterproof jacket with or without a hood, for men, women or children, we offer a selection of articles that do not compromise on breathability. Technical fabrics like 37.5 ™, a material that retains energy to keep you warm, equip a selection of parkas that keep your body temperature at an ideal level. This fabric also contains active particles (from bamboo charcoal) that capture and release water vapor to prevent moisture build-up. Items equipped with this fabric will allow you to indulge in your favorite activities such as trail running, hiking, or simply walking by the sea or in the mountains.

Sealed seams on some of the more technical models provide that little extra protection from the elements.

Other fabrics offer advantages that should not be overlooked: our new windbreakers are made of recycled synthetic fabric, effective against gusts of fresh wind from spring to fall, and highlight their eco-responsible and sustainable manufacturing. The self-repairing Porcher Industries® fabric used on our Hudson Resist down jacket is an essential innovation for sportsmen and women: in addition to its high water repellency, small holes and tears that may appear during intensive use can be repaired by simply rubbing between the fingers: it's magic, the hole vanishes!

Always trendy collections

This search for technicality and practicality does not distract us from our vision: we are committed to offering a complete well-being experience by promoting durable, authentic clothing that can be renewed and passed on at your own pace. Whether you are constantly looking for new trends, or are addicted to your favorite wardrobe icons and attached to your favorite statement pieces, our line offers timeless fashion that is renewed by its colors or technological innovations. You will be able to combine all our articles, down jackets with water-repellent fabrics, waterproof jackets for men and women, with or without hood, with or without sleeves, whatever your mood at the moment: rather sporty, more elegant, or even at the cutting edge of fashion, with our vintage collection cuts, which never go out of fashion.