Which duvet to choose for winter season

All duvets are not equal in quality and heat / insulation. Indeed, depending on the materials used, and their density, the result will not be the same. Duvets are often divided into two categories: summer duvets, rather light duvets, and winter duvets, which are rather warm duvets. Summer duvets have a weight ranging from 80 to 150 g / m2. That is to say there are 80 to 150 grams of goose or duck down for a one meter by one meter duvet. As for warm duvets, they contain at least 200g / m2. At Pyrenex, winter duvets can have a weight up to 250 or 270g / m2 for the warmest ones. This feature will for sure guarantee you a warm winter. Between those two types are the temperate duvets: their intermediate weight allows them to be warm enough in winter for the less sensitive people, and sufficiently breathable in the summer when temperatures rise.

warm winter duvet pyrenex

Little tip: we have developed a range of duvets that can be combined with snap buttons, also called "four seasons" duvets. Adjustable to your needs, these duvets offer the possibility of combining two models with different weights and thicknesses (different fillings). This modularity allows you to adjust your sleeping comfort and the desired heat according to the seasons and sudden changes in temperature. It is a collection made to be used all year long.

four season duvet pyrenex button

Goose and duck down and feathers: a quality proof

The materials used in the filling are very important. The best quality of duvet, that is to say a duvet which has ability to be breathable and to provide good warmth, is obtained by using goose or duck feathers and down, known for their warmth and lightness. At Pyrenex, this 100% made in France natural lining makes it possible to let the air circulate while providing perfect insulation, much better than the synthetic filling commonly used, which moreover have a negative carbon footprint.

We use top quality goose and duck down and feathers to give you a warm, fluffy duvet such as the Constance, Legend or Aïnhoa models. Each duvet has its own filling / weight, so you can choose the most suitable for your bed and needs.

natural down and feathers by pyrenex