Colombie Kid Duvet

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Pyrenex Colombie temperate duvet 220g/m² for children

Couette Colombie enfant

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Pyrenex cares for the little ones with the Colombie temperate duvet, available in child size for a 60 cm wide bed. This comforter filled with natural down is perfectly adapted to children who may move around a lot and be warm at night. With its balanced filling of 220g/m², made of 90% down and 10% duck feathers, it is temperate while remaining breathable thanks to its cotton percale cover. Light and comfortable, it will keep your child warm without being stuffy, whether in winter or mid-season. Experience all of Pyrenex's expertise in this exceptionally warm and light duvet.


• Filling : new silver duck down from France
• 90% down / 10% feathers, 220g/m²
• TOG (heat index) : 9
• Made in France
• Percale  230 TC (91 threads/cm²)
• 100% white combed cotton
• Box stitch 
• Double seam and cotton piping finish
• Includes a one dose bottle of detergent

All our natural-filling duvets come with a five-year guarantee. 

• Filling : new French silver duck down, 220g/m²
• 90% down / 10% feathers
• Percale 230 TC (91 threads/cm²), 100% white combed cotton
• Cotton piping


In order for a PYRENEX bedding product to retain all its properties and softness, we indicate the following recommendations:

• For an optimal use of your product, we recommend that you take it out of its packaging at least 24 hours before the first use so it can get all its fill power back up.
•  Shake it daily so that the filling remains well distributed.
•  Reverse the top and bottom of the duvet every two weeks.
•  On a sunny day, extend it between two chairs or at a window for a few hours to air it out as often as possible; the recommendation is at least three times a year. (Avoid hanging it on a clothesline.)  
•  Machine wash and dry according to the care instructions provided or entrust it to a professional.
•  Wash your duvet and pillow once or twice a year.
•  Pillows: tumble dry for 30 minutes every two months to retain the loft.


A duvet placed in a ‘duvet cover’ does not require frequent washing. If there is an unintended cause compelling you to wash it, it is essential that you follow the washing instructions and, preferably, that you avoid washing it more than once a year. If this is done properly, this annual wash will restore all its lightness and loft.

Washing tips: (refer to the product label)
•  Pillows washable in a machine drum of 5 kg.
•  Duvets: in a laundrette with a drum-type of washing machine of 15 kg.
•  In terms of the washing agent, we recommend using a liquid detergent and adhering to the dosage. A liquid detergent is more soluble and will rinse much better.. All our natural duvets come with a dose of soap for 1 wash.
•  Five or six rinses are necessary.


Drying, machine-dry, soft and durable, synthetic or delicate programme. A minimum of four hours. It is essential that your duvet or pillow is completely dry so as to prevent the subsequent growth of mould.

IMPORTANT: In order to regain the loft of your duvet and pillow when drying, it is essential to place two or three drying balls in the drum of the dryer.


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French silver duck down
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