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Finding the right pillow is essential for a good night's sleep. It's a very personal choice. By examining your sleeping habits, it's easy to know what support you need to choose the right pillow. In fact, it's these habits that will help determine the density of down appropriate to your needs.

Why choose an ergonomic pillow?

Because every sleeper is unique, Pyrenex is committed to supporting the most demanding sleepers with a range of ergonomic products that enhance your comfort. The shapes and technical features of our products will charm you and become a must-have for all your nights. Filled with duck feathers from France, our pillows guarantee good support for the spine and head, ensuring perfect alignment with the rest of the body. This helps reduce certain types of pain, such as neck pain, thanks to their head support. They adapt to all types of sleeper, whether on the back, stomach or side, to help you get the best possible rest during the night.

How to choose an ergonomic Pyrenex pillow ?

Memory foam pillows, latex pillows, natural down pillows, star-shaped pillows, elongated pillows - the market is full of solutions to suit your support needs. Above all, to choose the right pillow, it's essential that the pillow adapts to your sleeping position and morphology. Your head is an extension of your spine, so it needs to remain well aligned to ensure that the nape of your neck is well supported.

- For stomach sleepers, for example, we recommend flat, soft or star-shaped pillow.

- For back or side sleepers, firm or soft pillows will be appreciated.

- If you suffer from neck pain, ergonomic pillows will be a valuable solution, providing support throughout the night. They'll help keep your spine aligned and prevent you from waking up with pain or tension.

The best Pyrenex ergonomic pillows

If you're looking for an ergonomic pillow, the Pyrenex Saona Bi-confort pillow is ideal for your needs.

Made at the Pyrenex Manufacture in Saint-Sever, it features two layers of French silver duck filling. The soft comfort is made up of 70% down and 30% feathers, and the firm support of 10% down and 90% feathers. The filling of this pillow has been a guarantee of quality since 1859. What's more, the particularity of these two layers means that they enhance both softness and firmness for better support of the head, cervicals, neck and body.

Thanks to this double thickness, the Saona bi-comfort ergonomic pillow adapts to the vast majority of sleepers. They guarantee just the right amount of comfort and firm support. If you're hesitating between a firm pillow and a soft one, the ergonomic pillow is the model for you! They are available in several sizes: 50x70cm, 50x75cm, 60x60cm, 65x65cm. This model can be used by adults and children alike.

Another bestseller in our range of ergonomic pillows is the Dinan pillox. With its star shape, it's ideal for both stomach and side sleepers, as it relieves painful pressure points, adapts to the shape of the head and offers stable support throughout the night. Still filled with natural French down, it'll give you a new sleeping experience that's hard to forget.

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