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Buying a pillow can be complicated. Soft, fluffy, firm or ergonomic… we all have our own preferences and sleeping habits. Our website carries a wide range of pillows of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your needs and ensure optimal comfort. The French goose and duck feather and down fill makes our products extraordinarily light and comfortable. The materials, fabrics and fibres used on the exterior of our pillows provide softness and breathability.

Allergic to dust mites? Several models are available with a 100% natural Greenfirst anti-mite treatment! To spend your nights in the best possible conditions, and to find the optimal position for your head, neck and shoulders, we put together some tips to choose your pillow. If you sleep on your side, opt for a firm cushion. A medium-firm cushion will be perfect for those who sleep on their backs. Finally, if you sleep on your stomach, a soft or ultra soft pillow is the best option for you.

To meet your needs and decoration preferences for your bedroom, we offer a range of cushion sizes on our online shop: 50x70cm; 50x75cm; 60x60cm; 65x65cm and so forth. When it comes to maintenance, we recommend that you shake your Pyrenex pillows regularly to keep the down evenly distributed. Tumble-dry them for 30 minutes every 2 months to keep them as bouncy as when you first bought them.

Our pillows are machine washable (5kg capacity). Finally, by purchasing on our online store, delivery and returns are free of charge for any product and payment is 100% secure. Our products are 100% Made in France, a guarantee of quality for your bedroom and the comfort of your sleep.