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The main part of the body that is particularly prone to the cold is the head. Along with the hands and feet, it is one of the zones where the skin is thinnest and where exposure to the elements is greatest. This is why it is essential to protect it properly during your winter walks or excursions.

Soft and technical fabrics.

At Pyrenex, our men's beanies are made from noble and protective materials such as Wagner wool, guaranteeing thermal insulation and therefore warmth. Especially when they are worn in combination with a scarf. Our caps are made of synthetic and stretch material, which is ideal for sports activities where the body loses a lot of water. This makes them very easy to wash and gives them a very good durability over time - especially the colours - (no premature fading).

For a "total Pyrenex look,"our Men's pants and shorts in soft and stretchy materials are the ideal companions when you want to stay comfortable, even outside.

An undeniable touch of style.

Caps, beanies and other headgear have always provided a signature look and a strong identity to those who wear them. While our caps and hats for men have this undeniable sportswear touch due to the ever-present logo, they remain sober and discreet and can perfectly suit both casual and chic styles. And let's face it: they're simple but effective little gifts when it comes to Christmas and birthday parties. There is nothing easier than offering a Pyrenex cap to enter this mountain and winter world that is so special to us. In our women's range, women's scarf & glove suits as well as a gift for every special occasion.

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