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A simple but extremely effective down gilet

For many years, men's sleeveless jackets have been used simply for sporty and functional purposes: they allow you to free up your arm movements while guaranteeing good thermal insulation for your torso, which makes them an ideal ally in mid-season or when the temperatures are not freezing. Yet in winter it can also be very useful as a layer under your usual coat for double protection against the cold. This garment has recently made a comeback to become more and more popular with urban, streetwear and casual-chic looks. It is now as popular as our good old jackets! In addition, the sleeveless down jacket is ultra easy to wear, less bulky and comfortable in all situations: a sure bet.

At Pyrenex we have designed a range of down gilets to suit all tastes. With thicker or thinner fillings, shiny or matte fabric, neutral or accent colours, zip or button fastenings, with or without a collar: the choice is yours!

Sleeveless down jacket : the return of fashion and streetwear

As mentioned, the sleeveless down jacket for men has become a must-have item in the men's fashion and streetwear wardrobe over the years. Worn over an oversized hoodie and paired with raw denim and trainers, this down-filled, quilted sleeveless jacket gives you a resolutely urban look. Our latest men's collection has a vintage twist, with 90s cuts and colours that are very much in vogue today. The John model has become the iconic must-have.

The range of sleeveless down jackets is extensive thanks to a wide selection of colours - from the simplicity of black to the sporty touch of red and the discreet khaki - but also materials (matt, soft, shiny) combining breathability, water repellency and even waterproofing. You will be able to find the sizes that best suit you at Pyrenex, with a wide choice of more or less fitted cuts to easily adapt to all morphologies.

Functional, even in winter

The sleeveless down jacket may look casual, but it is very effective and wearable even in the middle of winter. In fact, our sleeveless, hoodless (or removable hooded) padded jackets can easily be worn under your favourite winter coat, such as the Bruce or Aero jackets. Whether you're wearing a parka, a trendytrench coat, a denim jacket or a perfecto, you won't have to compromise between style and comfort by wearing a warm down jacket as an undercoat, with the perfect amount of insulation thanks to Pyrenex's signature natural filling.

At Pyrenex, prices are always synonymous with quality and durability. You will always be sure to make a long-term purchase. Our down jackets are made with quality fabrics and 100% premium natural fillings produced in our Saint-Sever factory, with French know-how that has been going on for over 160 years. Generally more expensive than synthetic sleeveless down jackets, they provide a more natural and pleasant warmth when worn.

Versatile, water-repellent jackets

The reason for the success of sleeveless gilets is their lightness and packability. Perfect for long trips and outdoor activities, padded down jackets are easy to put on and take off when the weather is rough and they are easily packed into a suitcase thanks to the compression bag that comes with them. Sometimes used as a replacement for a traditional jacket, the padded gilet works well when paired with a thick polar jumper or under a jacket for a chic look, perfect for outings in the city.

Thanks to its functional and versatile nature, the men's sleeveless waistcoat can also be worn in the mountains for sporting activities such as skiing or snowboarding in winter or hiking and climbing in mid-season.

Within our Pyrenex range, sleeveless down jackets are always made with water repellent or waterproof fabric which is very useful when going out as it provides better protection against rain and bad weather. We provide free standard delivery within the European Union, as well as returns (30 days) on a large stock of down jackets: make the most of it. During the sales period, benefit from unmissable offers on our models available in several sizes and colours. Don't miss any news by subscribing to our newsletter