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Ageless, essential and above all, oh-so practical: the sleeping bag is the camper’s best friend. It will keep you warm during chilly, cold or even freezing nights in the mountains. You need to choose your sleeping bag well: it must be light, easily transportable and compact to take up as little space as possible (you might have to carry it together with all the rest of your trekking gear!). On the other hand, a good filling is essential. It has to keep your body comfortable and warm throughout the night.

At Pyrenex, 160 years of know-how in the traitement of duck feather and down (100% French) allowed us todevelop one of the best natural down fillings in the world: ultra light and bulky with an isulating performance that no synthetic filling can equal. Added to this is an unmatched softness and we guarantee that you’ll never forget your first night in a Pyrenex sleeping bag!

Our sleeping bags have been developed in the mountains and during extreme polar expeditions with some of the best adventurer to ensure they remains resistant, comfortable and performant no matter the conditions.

Available in a variety of versions and with different types of down filling, our range of sleeping bags can go from -15°C to 10°C, which allows us to offer you products for all types of needs and temperatures, be it summer camping, a mid-season bivouac or even during much more extreme trekking or alpinism expeditions in winter. Their sarcophagus shape guarantees you to marry your size perfectly while the ability to choose between different lengths and closing sides (on the right or the left side) allow us to answer to the needs of the whole family.

Finally, the use of soft yet durable fabrics and materials and the reinforced seams guarantee comfort and durability to every sleeping bag. With the Pyrenex sleeping bags, rediscover your night outside. Let yourself be tempted by the joy of camping in all seasons: delivery and returns are free within the European Union.