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Welcome to Pyrenex

Beautifying down & feathers, since 1859

Pyrenex has been beautifying down and feathers collected from the best farms around the South West France for more than 160 years. This unique know-how combined with the perfect control of our production process and the proximity of the supplies allows us to ensure the highest quality and traceability of our products. The uniqueness of this natural material is the result of a traditionnal supply chain respectful of animal welfare and the environment.

Automne / Hiver 2022-23 Collection Doudounes

Autumn / Winter

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doudoune légère en duvet

Light jackets

coupe vent enfant

Youth collection

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gamme homewear pyrenex

Homewear Collection

Cocooning perfection


Living Heritage Company

Pyrenex is officially labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. This distinction recognises the excellence of our French know-how.