Down jacket or parka for winter?

Down jacket or parka for winter?

Winter is still here, the temperatures are still low and the ski slopes well snowed ... But is your wardrobe still relevant for winter? Your heart is swinging between different jackets and parkas from our Pyrenex collection? In this article, we are delivering our best advice to help you choose the best winter clothing!

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The down jacket, essential for cold winters

The down jacket is the ultimate cold weather item. It is composed of an "envelope" fabric and an insulating padding, allowing it capture a lot of air and keep your body warm in order to brave the coldest days of winter. It has many variations: it can be padded with wadding or down (at Pyrenex we only use natural filling), be thin or thick ... It all depends on your needs and habits during winter. Choose a down jacket with a good amount of natural filling if you plan to go hiking in the mountains, opt instead for a thiner jacket with a lighter filling if you wear it mainly in town. You can even use Pyrenex ultralight down vests and jackets as a layer to put under your favorite coat or trench.

The parka for a warm and trendy winter

The parka is a timeless coat, which seduces women as well as men. Designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, it features a waterproof, water repellent outer fabric and a warm inner lining to insulate from the cold. Long or short, with or without a hood, colored or gray ... The parka fits any style, it's up to you to find yours among the Pyrenex collection!

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