How to wash a duvet filled with down and feathers?

What is the difference between a feather duvet and a down duvet?

Feathers and down are both of natural origin and come from ducks or geese. Nevertheless, feather and down have different isolation capacities. The down comes from the belly and undersides of the birds. Its structure provides insulation qualities related to its ability to capture air. Feathers are much more available since they are found on all other parts of ducks and geese. They are a little heavier but also firmer, meaning there are able keep their shape longer. Each of the materials has a different advantage and use to better equip your bedding. At Pyrenex, our filling usually carries both down and feathers with different proportions in order to reach different goals: more feathers will mean more firmness while adding more down will provide a much soft and smooth feeling.


The step-by-step process to wash your feather and down duvet

If you have purchased Pyrenex product, it is important to follow the washing instructions carefully to keep your quilt, down jacket or pillow in perfect condition. Unlike a synthetic duvet which can be washed once a month, a down jacket or duvet in natural feather or down should be washed no more than once a year. Be aware that to wash large pieces of bedding products, you will need washing machine with a drum capacity of at least 15kg. If possible, we would advise you go through a professional to wash it.

Otherwise, here are the steps to follow for an optimal wash of your feather or down duvet: - Take the duvet into the washing machine without forcing it as this may damage the fibers.

- Use natural detergents or mild detergents

- Caution: it is absolutely necessary to avoid softeners as they could deteriorate the down.

- Program the machine at a temperature of 40ºC and make sure to select a short and soft spin.

- Preferably dry your natural feather duvet in a tumble dryer at a temperature below 50ºC and add a few dry or tennis balls to separate the down. If you do not have a dryer you can do it outdoors by tapping it regularly.

That’s it! Your natural feather or down duvet is all set to go back to your your bed for the greatest sleeping pleasure.

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