Pyrenex men's coat offer: for every need

Pyrenex men's coat offer: for every need

Choosing THE ideal jacket or coat to accompany you all winter long is no small feat. Different types of men's coats meet different needs... Pyrenex men's collection presents a wide range of men's coats for the cold season.

Find your style and comfort to go out in the city.

Pyrenex is specialised in down & feathers making since 1859, our brand has been manufacturing down coats and jackets for more than 50 years. The result: a wide range of men’s coats and winter garments:

- Ultra-light or thin down jacket : it is ultra-light, water-repellent and easy to wear. This is the ideal jacket for travel or mid-season. And if the cold is really bad, it can be used as an insulating underlayer under your favourite coat.

- Classic short down jacket : the most classic form of this iconic quilted jacket with down lining. It is available in an infinite variety, with or without a hood. Its type and volume of natural or synthetic filling offer different levels of heat!

- Mid-length down jacket: another type of down jacket, this type of model slims the silhouette, often has a hood and covers your hips better than a short regular down jacket, thus offering more warmth.

classic men down jacket

- Short parkas : very chic for the city, this type of model fits very well with an urban usage, going to work for example.

- Parkas: it is the Swiss army knife for men's winter coats. Slim design with colours ranging from beige to black, even much more flashy. This coat offers optimal protection against the cold, especially when combined with a real fur at hood and a natural down filling.

classic men parka

- Bomber: modern and trendy, at Pyrenex, the "aviator"Mistral jacket made of natural down offers a highly water-repellent fabric, a hood and a very warm filling.

- Windbreaker : quite far from the coat original definition, a windproof jacket is however very protective insofar as it insulates from the wind and bad weather, which helps to keep body heat. If the temperatures are not too low, you can combine it with a sweater or hoodie for an urban and warm look.

down jacket windbreaker men

The colours of our men's coat collection range from black to red, including the more discreet shades of brown, not to mention the brand's unmistakable “amiral” blue.