Mi-season: light and sleeveless jackets

Lightweight down jackets: a must-have for every season

The light down jacket is a must-have for every season. In fact, whatever the time of year (autumn, winter, spring or summer), thanks to its light natural down filling, the light down jacket provides moderate warmth and a feeling of lightness. Its practical, classic and timeless appearance makes it a natural choice for our outdoor activities. Whether in the city or in the mountains, it is very much appreciated when the weather changes (rain, wind, cold, etc.). It can be worn on its own, especially during the mid-season, or under a down jacket or parka in the middle of winter when temperatures are cold or even harsh.


At Pyrenex, a light down jacket is a jacket with a lower filling of natural French down (specific to Pyrenex know-how) than the warm winter down jackets, which have a higher filling weight to be able to resist extreme temperatures. This means that lightweight down jackets are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 5°C (comfort limit temperature) and 15°C. As the weight of a light jacket is around 400g, its characteristics are also quite different from a warm down jacket. 

Characteristics Pyrenex

A real travel companion! The Pyrenex light down jacket is very popular thanks to its features, as it is water-repellent, windproof, breathable, ultra-light and compactable in its small storage bag. This jacket goes everywhere with you and allows you to face the unexpected temperature drops, so common in mid-season and even in the middle of summer. There's no doubt about it: the lightweight down jacket will fit into all your adventures!

  • Versatile light jackets useful for the city and during sports activities

For the past few seasons, Pyrenex has been offering a range of lightweight quiltfree down jackets, using tube technology and filled with the famous Legend down. This technology allows to reduce air inlets and thus provides higher insulation. This range offers ultralight and water-repellet models for men and women in several versions: hooded, hoodless and sleeveless. A perfect mix for adventure in the city or in the mountains!

Designed for sports, these light jackets are both technical and chic. They can be worn with jeans, shorts or a skirt, or with technical mountain trousers.

For women, the Masha model is available in a hooded version (Masha Hooded), a hoodless version (Masha SC) and a sleeveless version (Masha Vest).  


Masha down jacket Pyrenex

For men, the Bruce model is available in a hooded version (Bruce Hooded), a hoodless version (Bruce SC) and a sleeveless version (Bruce Vest).  


Bruce down jacket Pyrenex

  • A range of lightweight down jackets made at our Saint-Sever factory

Since the opening of its jacket workshop in 2019, Pyrenex has been exclusively manufacturing several lines of down jackets 100% Made in Saint-Sever. These down jackets have an incomparable filling power thanks to the Legend down of Pyrenex and the tube technology used.

Each year, for its new spring-summer collection, Pyrenex manufactures two lines of light, water-repellent down jackets, one for men (Mauco) and one for women (Eulalie), without  external stitching and made entirely in its Saint Sever factory. These light jackets, which have become essential pieces for the summer season, evolve from year to year. The materials, finishes and design are worked on internally by our teams to make them stand out.

These down-filled jackets can be worn in mid-season or as an undercoat under a jacket, down jacket or coat in winter.



Down jackets Made in St-Sever Pyrenex

Sleeveless down jackets: ideal for mild temperatures

If you're looking for a versatile jacket that can cope with cooler temperatures while leaving the sleeves of your clothes visible, sleeveless down jackets will fit your style perfectly.

Functional jackets par excellence, sleeveless jackets have a role to play in every outdoor activity. Whether you are a worker or a sportsman, you will appreciate wearing it to stay warm in winter under a jacket or down jacket, and during the mid-season over your clothes (jumpers, t-shirts). 

Technical and practical at the same time, the sleeveless down jacket is both comfortable and easy to move around in: it protects the chest while keeping the arms mobile. This jacket allows sportsmen to go on expeditions without having to compromise their sporting performance.

To meet every need, Pyrenex offers a range of sleeveless down jackets filled with natural French down, for men and women, with different cuts, styles and colours. 


Sleeveless down jackets Pyrenex

As mid-season jackets, Pyrenex also offers a range of windbreakers in Pertex® fabric.