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Useful and performant, windbreakers have become key jackets for the mid-season, in spring or autumn, as well as in summer when temperatures cool down or the wind picks up. Lightweight, water-repellent and foldable, they provide protection from the elements and humidity, preventing the wind from penetrating our clothes, but also keeping out the rain. To be effective, a windbreaker must first and foremost be water repellent and not necessarily waterproof. Indeed, a 100% waterproof jacket would not always optimise the breathability of the body, particularly during exercise.

Unrivalled resistance

Despite their light and flexible appearance, Pyrenex windcheaters are nonetheless resistant in the off-season thanks to the technical nature of their fabrics. Water-repellent or even waterproof for certain jackets dedicated to the rain, our windbreakers will be your best allies during rainy days. The Omega coach jacket is equipped with waterproof seams for better protection from the elements, allowing you to stay dry, just like the Guardian. In order to avoid the typical mid-season sudden temperature changes that will cause you to sweat easily, Pyrenex jackets are made of breathable fabric. Thanks to the 37.5™ Technology present on some products, water vapour is captured and released by active particles from bamboo charcoal, preventing the formation of moisture. The water vapour that forms with your body heat will be easily evacuated by the breathability of our fabrics.

Windbreaker: a versatile and eco-friendly piece

The windbreaker can be worn in different ways thanks to its practicality and versatility. Whether in the city or in the mountains, the windbreaker is the all-purpose item to have in your wardrobe. Its fabric does not wrinkle easily, so you can easily put it in a bag and pull it out afterwards without any issue. At Pyrenex, windbreakers are extremely lightweight and fold up into a storage pocket to accompany and protect you on even the most remote journeys. Our range combines a selection of classic, colourful or sober models, with or without hood, in thin, durable and high quality materials. Elegance is a must for these trendy models. With the return of vintage and colourful 90s-inspired fashion, the windbreaker has once again become a trendy clothing item that can now even be found on catwalks, fashion weeks and of course in our daily lives, both in the city and in the mountains. In the city, windbreakers can easily be combined with jeans or chinos in everyday life. However, it is in the great outdoors, when hiking in the forest or in the mountains with your favourite sports shoes, that this jacket is most useful and appreciated. Available for men, women and children from 8 to 16 years old, windcheaters are also a cross-generational piece of clothing that can satisfy both young and old. Some of our windbreakers are adult/child matching to create a father-son or mother-daughter look.

Ever more eco-friendly windbreakers

In order to remain true to its commitments, Pyrenex continues to move towards an ever more ecological approach, constantly proposing new ideas and fabrics that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Among our range of windbreakers, the Cyclic jacket is perfectly in line with this eco-responsible approach thanks to its 100% recycled polyester fabric and its zero waste approach. On average 22% of the fabric used to make a windbreaker is thrown away. This represents 9800m² of discarded fabric for 10,000 pieces. In order to alleviate this problem Pyrenex has designed a pattern that produces less than 5% of fabric waste.

Pyrenex 2023 windbreaker: a nomadic collection

Pyrenex windbreakers are the centrepiece of our latest spring-summer 2023 collection. In addition to our historical know-how regarding our down-filled items such as down vests, down jackets and parkas, we offer you innovative technical materials, such as recycled fabrics, or 37.5™ technology. With our ever-changing lifestyles, this season's windbreakers represent key pieces of the SS23 collection, designed to fit all occasions, to adapt to our "nomadic" lifestyles and have greater flexibility of looks while keeping the same jacket. In addition to the classic colours, this season's windbreakers are bursting with bright and cheerful colours to keep you glowing during the summer months. Whether you're a small or a tall, shop online and take advantage of standard delivery and free 30-day returns throughout the European Union.