Pyrenex partnership with Desertus Bikus rally-raid

From the 23rd of April to the 1st of May 2022 the Desertus Bikus ultra-cycling race took place in Spain, crossing magnificent landscapes, from the most unspoiled to the most idyllic. The riders had to cross Spain from North to South, starting from Anglet, South West France, to Andalusia. We are proud to have contributed to its organization as an official partner.

Pyrenex and sport : shared values and emotion

At Pyrenex, we are passionate and committed, so it was natural for us to support the cycling event for adventurers: the Desertus Bikus race. This race is organized by Yvan Thuaire, passionate about cycling and ultra-distance, already organizer of another cycling race, the Pop Ouest Classic. His desire for adventure led him to look for other possibilities for races that combine sport with fun and tourist experiences: the perfect combination for all those who like to mix genres, who are committed but also looking for fun, and who are above all looking for an opportunity to escape!

Passion for sports is also an undeniable part of Pyrenex DNA: we design and manufacture outdoor clothing to accompany you on your most extreme expeditions, or in your weekend or everyday adventures. We are driven by passion and commitment in the way we design these products and in the building and maintaining of our know-how, which resonates with the challenge of all athletes, whether professional or amateur.

It is quite naturally that we wished to engage a partnership with an ultra-cycling race in autonomy: the Desertus Bikus.

4 deserts to cross, choices to make

The Desertus Bikus race is a crossing of Spain organized as an orienteering race. Based on the principle of autonomy, the responsibility of the itinerary is left to the participants. The organizers of the race require only 4 checkpoints in mythical places: the Bardenas desert, the Montanas Vacias, the Gorafe desert and the Tabernas desert.

The runners used their decision making skills to elaborate the best possible strategy. The diversity of the roads and paths to be taken, as well as the climatic and physical conditions make this race a real human adventure over 1250 km and 12500 m of difference in altitude.

Choice of route, tires, equipment, refreshments: each athlete must make the best decision and be responsible for it in order to successfully complete this extraordinary adventure.

An adventure followed on social networks

Because it was difficult for the runners not to be encouraged along the course, the Desertus Bikus race was followed and broadcasted very widely. A system of dot watching by GPS tracker has been set up so that supporters can encourage and accompany the participants. Supporters contribute to the popularity of the event through their enthusiasm and their comments on the networks, the participants having been invited to share their most unusual photos and videos: @desertusbikus

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