Pyrenex : warm coats for kids

Like every year, winter is around the corner with its magical Christmas moments, snow-covered landscapes and long cocooning nights by the fireplace. But winter can also easily turn into a nightmare if we are not well-equipped for its cold & windy weather… especially for our kids! In need for inspiration to find out how to dress your little ones with warmth and protection? Follow our guidelines and make sure your kids stay warm and stylish with a high quality and comfortable kid coat!

The secret of a wonderful winter: well-covered kids!

It’s a fact: our kids love to play outside in the snow when winter comes. Snow battles, snowmen, snow-sled: snow everything! It’s the reason why it’s important to dress them warmly to make sure they don’t get a cold. Don’t let them get outside without beanies, gloves, thick socks, warm boots, wool scarves and to top it all: a well-built kid coat or jacket! Kids are particularly active when they play outside during winter, and are often not really careful regarding the way they treat their clothes… that’s the reason why coats not only need to be warm but also very resistant! Our Pyrenex jackets do encompass both of these requirements. With technical and qualitative Pyrenex coats, be sure to let your kids play in the snow with full serenity!


Parka or down jacket? Choose the right coat model for your kid.

First and foremost: don’t panic. Whether you choose a parka or a down jacket to dress your kid, he/she will be at warmth! Both types of coats allow to go against the elements and stay warm even with negative temperatures. The parka goes really well with a classic and urban look. You can pick it long or short, with or without hood. Regarding the colours: you are not limited to black or grey! Pyrenex offers a wide range of colours, making sure your kids will stand out! You don’t really need to wait for winter to wear a parka. This type of coats is also very suitable for slightly warmer temperatures in Autumn and early Spring. On the other sides, our down jackets are developed for cold and dry winters, bringing an unmatched sportswear look to your kids’ styles. They will be able to wear these kinds of coats both at school or during ski holidays! It’s a very versatile jacket that can be worn in all occasions. Parka or down jacket, your kid is for sure winter-ready, the only thing to wait for is the snow…