Upcycling: a Pyrenex know-how

Authentic know-how from upcycling

For more than 160 years, Pyrenex has been developing a series of inimitable skills, from feather and down finishing to the design and manufacturing of home and clothing products. This expertise is preserved and passed on from generation to generation. It allows us to operate in a circular economy by making it possible to recycle and valorise a co-product from the local agricultural sector.


Manufacture Pyrenex

Pyrenex's job is to give a new life, of superior quality, to what some consider to be waste. By giving a new use to this noble material, feathers, the brand brings a great added value (upcycling). This raw material, essential in the search for excellence, is harvested in the most premium farms of south-west France.

Thanks to its expertise and ancestral know-how, Pyrenex develops eco-responsible products. Working with natural products is a commitment that the brand has made for over 160 years and it is still the best choice from an environmental point of view.

Upcycling Pyrenex

An upcycled natural material for clothing and bedding

Feathers and down are harvested and ennobled to give them a second life because of their exceptionally high insulating power for their weight. This natural material is comfortable and long-lasting and is ideal for storing heat and protecting against the cold. Today, no other material can compete with natural down, even synthetic down.

This upcycled raw material allows Pyrenex to develop two main activities : apparel and bedding.

The difference between feather and down

  • Feather gives resilience and density to the elements filled with it
  • Down provides both flexibility and loft, while also playing the indispensable role of insulation.

Our "Legend 1859" down, know as the "flower of down",  features unprecedented insulation and lightness. This material, of a rare purity and performance, is obtained thanks to a rigorous, gentle and slow crafting process. The result of this expertise is an exceptional filling power for top-of-the-range finished products.

Duvet Pyrenex

Down jackets filled with upcycled down

Every down jacket and parka in our collections (winter and summer) is filled with 100% natural French down from the best breeding farms in the South West of France. 

Depending on the model, some jackets are more filled than others, which allows us to differentiate their use. This variation in filling makes it possible to tell whether the jacket is warm (made to protect between -30°C and -10°C), temperate (between -10°C and 5°C) or light (between 5°C and 15°C) in terms of warmth and insulation against the cold. The quilting of the jacket is also a factor in terms of insulation and protection against the weather.



Many down jackets and parkas benefit from Pyrenex one-of-a-kind « Legend 1859 » duvet. 

Since 2019, thanks to an innovative process, a down jacket workshop has opened at the Pyrenex Saint-Sever factory, allowing to produce a line of men's and women's down jackets entirely Made in France.

Doudounes Pyrenex

Bedding and home accessories filled with upcycled down

All our bedding and home items are developed and made 100% at the Pyrenex factory, once again filled with our very own French down and feathers.

For bedding products, unlike the amount of weight and quilting type of down jackets, there are several other indicators to take into account to determine their thermal insulation.

  • Thermal capacity (TOG): the ability to catch air and exchange it quickly. The quality of the down, its filling weight in g/m2 and the thickness of the cover are the three parameters that determine the thermal performance of the duvet.
  • Filling power: this is the capacity of a certain filling weight to fill a certain volume. The greater the volume occupied, the greater the insulation and lightness of the duvet.



The vast majority of Pyrenex bedding products are filled with "Legend 1859 down", which guarantees optimal protection in terms of warmth and lightness during your winter and summer nights.

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