Which duvet to choose in summer?

Summer duvets are the perfect for the mild seasons - like summer - hence their name, but they are also ideal for people who do not support too much heat sensations. However, it is not always easy to choose the right summer duvet, that's why we offer a wide choice of quality duvets. Weight and filling are two essential elements when choosing the right bedding item.

The "grammage":

The heats of the summer seasons are known to affect our sleep. That’s why having a thick duvet could disrupt our nights. At Pyrenex you will find a wide range of duvets that have been specially made for the summer. And their weight varies from 80g / m², 100g / m², and 150g / m². In general, a duvet is said to be light and perfect for summer when it has a basis weight below or equal to 200g / m². As a result, as the weight of all our summer duvets does not exceed 100g / m², you will be sure to sleep peacefully and with serenity.


The filling:

With 160 years of experience in beautifying feathers and down, we are able to provide products with 100% natural filling, whether in duck or goose down. This type of material is a natural insulator, and ensures as well comfort and lightness. This quality is largely improved thanks to the material we are using. Indeed, our summer duvets are in satin, cotton or nanobaptist canvas, and even jacquard fabrics that have the ability to provide a great ease in your movements and an incomparable softness feeling.

Taking care of your summer duvets:

The care of these duvets is not complicated, you only have to put them in washing machines with five kilos drum (minimum), and the best would be to use liquid laundry which is much more soft than powdered detergents. Then, for the drying, we advise you to proceed as follows: insert a maximum of two to three drying balls in your tumble dryer in order to keep its puffed aspect. Note that by purchasing a natural down duvet, we prodive you you with five washing doses as a gift. So, if you wanted a soft duvet with a premium quality, take a look at our online shop.