Which filling to choose for a down jacket?

Which filling to choose for a down jacket?

The down jacket is part of thermal clothing family, designed specifically to keep you warm during winter. However, it has its some particularity. Unlike other kinds of jackets, it is composed of a fabric that has been padded with insulating materials such as goose / duck feathers for example.

The down jacket is a trend for the winter period

This winter, the down jacket is back to bring you a fashionable outfit while keeping you warm. You could for example associate it with a dress worn with tights so that it becomes a stylish coat. Combined with jeans and sneakers, it will give you a sportwear look. In other words, this winter garment can be considered versatile as it can fit any style. For this season we have prepared jackets with beautiful colors, and there is something for everyone. If you like sober colors choose black, or navy for example. But there are also much brighter colors like red, or yellow, colors that will bring a little vintage style to your outfit.

Quality jackets by Pyrenex

We have always been careful to offer quality items and we intend to continue along this path. First and foremost, when we say down jacket, we immediately think of down, and filling. Over the past 160 years, we have been able to offer coats with the best duck down, able to protect you perfectly against the cold. Indeed, the duvets are excellent insulator. This natural material is perfect for low temperatures, because it has the capacity to store a very large amount of heat, so you would not have to fear low temperatures during the winter. We had different types of jackets, for both men and women (and kids), so you had a wide choice between bulky jackets and those who are less. But we assure you that each of our models has been specially made to keep you warm while giving you style.

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