Why Are Windbreaks The Best Option To Protect You From Wind And Cold?

During mid-season, the weather can change very quickly, alternating cold days with milder days. Protecting yourself during this period is essential and therefore, to continue to enjoy nature outings, you must be well-equipped. Whether it concerns a windbreaker or a raincoat, both are effective in protecting you from bad weather. However it is true that windbreakers remains the preferred piece to protect yourself from the cold and wind in the off-season and in the middle of summer: here is a list that explains how this piece can really be useful to you.

Thermal comfort

One of the biggest advantages of this jacket is that it really helps you protecting against moderate cold despite its lightness. When the wind is still strong and temperatures drop, it helps you maintain a stable body heat. Despite its fabric that may seem quite light, it keep all body heat inside the jacket while protecting you from the wind. It helps reduce that cold feeling on you as much as possible. The windbreaker is the ultimate jacket for isolating you from the cold. Even in the middle of winter, it can be more than effective, especially if you pair it with underlayers such as a sweater and a thick first layer.

Freedom of mouvement and breathability

The windbreaker is one of the lightest pieces and therefore easy to wear whatever your activities. This jacket can be useful, especially during your running or cycling sessions, because it facilitates movement thanks to the flexibility of its cut and fabric. With this jacket, you can continue to be comfortable despite the changing weather. In the current market, you can choose from a wide range that fit everyone's taste in terms of color, cut ... and budget.

At Pyrenex, we've designed a collection that fits our ever-changing lifestyles. Easy to carry, with different cuts to fit all body types, our mid-season jackets will brighten up your spring days with their vibrant colors and high quality fabrics. Paired with pants, jeans or leggings, with sport or casual shoes, this garment can be a trendy and practical piece whatever your style. With our range of unisex windbreakers, you can match your outfit for a matchy-matchy man-woman look or even for the kids.





Another great advantage of windbreaker jackets is their breathability. Many have the advantage of being breathable. With a breathable membrane, sweating evaporates from the skin while keeping water from filtering in and preventing a damp feeling. This jacket is the right solution when you want to continue to do physical activity outdoors, such as hiking or trail running, while regulating your body temperature. At Pyrenex, to ensure the best breathability, we calculate the amount of water the fabric lets through in 24 hours. The higher the degree, the more breathable it is. From 5000g/m²/24h, we consider that the garment is breathable.

Protection against rain

If there's one piece of clothing that you need to have in case of bad weather, it's a windbreaker. Unlike raincoats that protect you from heavy downpours, this jacket will be your best ally in case of light rain. Thanks to its water-repellent function, this garment has a membrane on the surface of the fabric that lets water drops slide off and prevents them from penetrating the material. It is the perfect garment to enjoy outdoor activities while staying dry. On cooler evenings, the piece can be worn with a fleece sweater for added protection against cold. In the middle of winter, when the snow starts to fall and the temperatures become icy, Pyrenex offers you the best down jackets on the market, developed with French know-how and filled with natural duck down.

Easy to carry

During your escapades in nature or during your travels, it will protect you in any circumstance. Lightweight and easy to fold, this piece can be easily stored in a bag or your suitcase, allowing you to carry it everywhere with you. This is what makes this garment a wardrobe essential : its versatility. Our lightweight Pyrenex jackets are equipped with a storage bag for easy transport. Equipped with a carabiner, they can be easily attached to your bag or belongings while traveling.

The windbreaker is the essential piece to have in your wardrobe. Its versatility protect you from both gale force winds by maintaining body heat and mid-season bad weather. Moreover, it is easy to carry because it is light and easy to fold to follow you everywhere.

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