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Mountains are at the heart of Pyrenex's DNA. Inspired by our outdoor adventures in the Pyrenees, our collections of down jackets filled with natural feathers and down are designed to suit all your outdoor activities.

Lightweight down jackets with controlled insulation.

Natural duck down, just like goose down, is a guarantee of both warmth and a great feeling of lightness. It is the signature of the Pyrenex brand. All the technical qualities of this natural material are based on its filling power, which perfectly traps air, forming a flawless protective layer either in winter in very cold weather or in mid-season. Coupled with breathable, often water-repellent or even waterproof fabrics, the down of our mountain down jackets allows good body heat and sweat circulation, which gives these jackets great adaptability in use, from intense and sporty activities to more relaxing walks.

Down jackets for all seasons.

We offer different types of jackets, with or without sleeves, thin jackets or very thick overcoats, depending on the temperature and the chosen activity. A thin and compressible down jacket will be perfect for your summer camps or as a first layer of protection, under a ski jacket for example. A very thick and warm jacket is ideal for extreme temperature conditions (and extreme sports), a real warming garment.

No matter what type of mountain comforter you choose: you won't forget the stylish and trendy side of all our padded jackets. The wide choice of colours, fabrics and shapes make these jackets essentials in your wardrobe and perfectly fit with casual, sporty and even streetwear styles of the last few seasons. Enjoy it, delivery and returns are free in the European Union for products in stock at our eshop.