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Parkas, an essential piece

The women parka will be the versatile piece of your wardrobe. Whether you’re in the mountains, surrounded by nature, travelling, in the woods or in the city, our Pyrenex women’s parkas and jackets will accompany you on your daily adventures and through all seasons. Allow yourself to be surprised by the authenticity of these women's models, which are constantly renewed, in our autumn / winter collection as well as our spring / summer collection with our windbreakers and raincoats. 

This keypiece of women's vestiaire is simple to wear and will fit your everyday style. Thanks to our stretch, waterproof, water-repellent and windproof materials, this hooded coat will be your best friend during your outdoor walks. Add to this the 100% French duck feather and down fill and you get the perfect ally for extreme temperatures, especially in winter. This definitely feminine coat is perfect for both winter and mid-season, for rainy days (thanks to its hood) or during the coldest months. It is designed to keep you warm, dry and protected from the wind, which makes it ideal for unpredictable weather, while preserving the look you want, whether chic or casual. Just as for women, the parka for men is also an essential piece of the men's wardrobe for casual or more elegant looks depending on the taste of each.

This extremely versatile piece will also beautifully complement a variety of styles. Try wearing your parka with a wool jumper or over a blouse, for an effortless chic and urban look. Paired with a hiking fleece and a pair of cargo pants, it adds an undeniable stylish touch to your outdoor outfits.

Take the time to treat your self and find your own style among our large collection of women’s parkas, jackets and other outdoor garments available on the Pyrenex online shop. Long or short, with or without hood, embellished by fur inserts or a structured collar, find the perfect parka for you. Our elegant cuts are designed to enhance any shape and silhouette. This season, our colours are softer, with off whites and beiges to make you winter more cosy. To easily match your coat with the rest of your wardrobe, you also can choose neutral, timeless colours like black, «Admiral» blue, taupe, khaki or sage green.

Get ready to find your signature jacket, the must-have in any occasion, in winter, autumn and spring.