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Novelties of the spring / summer collection

The new Pyrenex women's spring / summer 2023 collection draws its inspiration from our strong and distinctive DNA: a history mixing the Pyrenean mountains inspiration and a need of protection against the elements such as rain, cold and wind.

This year, Pyrenex is committed to providing durable jackets and coats, combining functionality and technical features to meet your needs for the great outdoors. The brand reinvents comfort and protection against adverse weather conditions by using technical fabrics from mountain sports. The result: fashionable jackets and apparel lines designed for everyday use in the city and in the mountains, without forgetting the technical needs of lightness and breathability.

a new more resistant and water repellent textile

The new Pertex® Quantum Pro fabric used in our women's jackets and men's jackets offers very high resistance to bad weather (rain, wind, cold) thanks to its ultra-water-repellent material which ensures optimal protection while preserving breathability. This great innovation in terms of technicality allows you to go on an adventure without any worries. This range of technical, modern and light windbreakers for women is ideal to wear in mid-season when temperatures rise, but also in the middle of summer in case of bad weather, mild weather or of course at altitude during physical activities.

Other new arrivals for Summer 2022 include lightweight down jackets for women and a textile collection made from organic cotton that perfectly complements warmer pieces for a 100% Pyrenex look. The padded jackets are filled with natural French down to provide the right level of warmth in the summer and mid-season. They are also water-repellent, breathable, windproof, compact and ultra-light.

As for colours, this spring-summer 2022 womenswear range is inspired by crystal clear lakes and springs, but also by the palette of shades offered by all mountain flowers. Our lightweight down jackets, short and long windbreakers, T-shirts and sweatshirts all feature a clean colour palette to add a fresh spring and summer season for your wardrobe. Jungle green, blue torrent, stilt beige and the classic black and navy blue : this colour scheme is perfect for outdoor and mountain activities, but also for your urban and chic daily life. .