The summer comforter, a good idea when temperatures are milder

The words "comforter" and "summer" are not incompatible, by any means! When temperatures rise but we still like to spend our nights well protected, there are types of quilts perfectly adapted to temperatures above 24°C. The best solution is to choose a summer comforter with a light natural down filling. Here is how to choose a comforter for the summer season.

A summer comforter: for whom? why?

Many of us have the habit during summer nights to want to breathe by leaving the window open, and to keep only the minimum of layers so that the body temperature goes down and allows a good sleep. To feel comfortable, we also like to be well covered while maintaining a good temperature throughout the night. In order to avoid excessive sweating, we turn to bedding made of natural fibers such as linen or cotton, which have excellent breathable properties. All of our naturally filled comforters have a cotton cover to ensure optimal comfort. In addition, the natural filling of goose or duck down has excellent thermoregulatory properties, while remaining breathable, in opposition to synthetic materials. Pyrenex offers you a whole range of comforters for summer or mid-season, when your bedroom is not heated.

Which comforter for summer, and which filling weight to choose?

With their cotton covers and breathable fillings, our collection of summer comforters is available in several versions: some have ultra-light, soft and fine covers like our exceptional cotton nano-batiste, extra soft and smooth like our sateen, or very breathable and quick-drying like our cotton percale, also available in organic version. All of these beautifully finished covers are filled with Pyrenex down, the result of unparalleled know-how handed down from generation to generation. Different weights (depending on the model) are available, from ultra-light to light: 60g/m², 80g/m², 100g/m² and 120g/m². The ultra-light filling up to 100g/m² are recommended for the hottest nights when the temperature of your bedroom exceeds 24°C, and the 120g/m² filling can be used in mid-season or if you want a little more weight of filling for the cool summer nights, or with air conditioning.

The combinable duvets: smart and responsible purchase

Our breathable and light comforters for summer are made in France in our Saint-Sever manufacture. Among these made in France summer quilts, we propose the ranges of pairable comforters Papeete and Moorea, equipped with snaps to allow a smart twinning. To use your very light summer comforters all year long, you can indeed stack two comforters of the same range, with different weights. You get a new two-in-one comforter to use in winter and mid-season, when temperatures are still cool.

This possibility to modulate your comfort and insulation will allow you to keep quality products, all year round, and for a long time! The durability of our comforters is outstanding and they are guaranteed for 5 years under normal use. In the event of an accident such as a tear or sewing problem, we offer an after-sales service that is attentive to your requests, to allow you to use your items for a long time.