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To ensure your nights are comfortable all year round, Pyrenex has designed a smart range of combinable duvets. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, each of these seasons has its own particularities, and your comfort depends on the temperature of your bedroom at night. In addition to adapting your bed linen to the seasons by opting for flannel for winter or linen and cotton percale for spring and summer, you can also modulate your comfort and the warmth of your duvet thanks to our range of twin comforters.

What is a Pyrenex combinable duvet? It is above all a made in France quilt in our workshops, benefiting from all the care and quality of our manufacture. We produce them with a natural filling of duck or goose down, breathable by nature, and well insulated to allow you a good conservation of heat, which will remain balanced. This balance is obtained by the precision of our filling weights of comforters, that's what we call grammage. Some duvets are light and have a low filling weight, while others are more puffy and voluminous to store more air, and thus be more insulating. The proportion of down in the filling is also very important to make the right choice of comfort, most of our natural filling quilts are offered in 90% down and 10% goose or duck feathers, or even 100% down for some of them. In addition to the natural filling, our comforters are available with top-of-the-line, white cotton covers, very light, with percale or satin fabrics.

The most attractive feature of our combinable duvets are the almost invisible snaps on the sides, which allow you to combine two comforters layer upon layer over your bed. You can then combine two duvets with different filling weights, for example a very light duvet with a light comforter, or even with a temperate comforter. You then get a new modular duvet with a warm enough filling weight for winter or mid-season, while reusing your summer natural filling quilt. A good idea to extend the durability of your purchase! In addition, our snap system is ingenious and will save you time compared to ties to knot.

We also offer a range of combinable divets with an anti-dustmite treatment based on natural essential oils. For all our 4-season comforter types, the sizes offered range from the oe place bed to the largest sizes for very wide beds, including the "standard" sizes: 140x200 cm, 200x200 cm, 240x220 cm, 260x240 cm, 280x240 cm, and 300x240 cm.