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Why choosing a light Pyrenex duvet?

Our range of light duvets is specially designed to help you enjoy a good night's sleep when temperatures start to rise. It will be hard to part with them. They'll quickly become essential for enjoying soft, light warmth even in the warmer months of the year.

Summer heat can be detrimental to our nights. A duvet that's too hot can disturb our sleep. However, Pyrenex light duvets have the ability to provide optimum comfort and perfectly diffuse the right temperature to keep you covered without compromising on the feeling of coolness in hot or even scorching weather. With an average grammage of around 100g/m² (80g/m2 to 150g/m2) and a natural filling of premium quality duck down and feathers, our comforters are renowned for their incomparable softness and lightness. If lightness is your main criterion, our Accous duvet stands out in our range with a grammage of 80 g/m² and a delicate filling. Its satin cover gives it a luxurious look, allowing you to enjoy your nights in complete peace of mind.

With 160 years' experience in the treatment of feathers and down, we are now able to offer you products made in France with a natural filling of exceptional properties. For our customers who are the most sensitive to dust mites, the Papeete Santé Light duvet is the ideal product. Its ultra-light filling is guaranteed anti-dust mite thanks to the Greenfirst treatment, based on essential oils. The combination of a natural filling and a cover made from organic cotton, a natural fiber renowned for its breathable properties, gives you a healthy, sustainable product that lends itself to eco-responsible consumption.

How to choose the right light duvet ?

We've expanded our range of duvets to include several features to better suit everyone's needs.

- Premium Range: A collection offering the best fabrics and fillings for a good night's sleep, with 90% duck down (Legend 1859) and a soft, comfortable satin cover.

- Classic Range: This collection is dedicated to all those who want to acquire a quality product at the best possible price. The range is very large, to meet a wide variety of needs.

- Health Range: This includes all products that have received Greenfirst treatment, capable to prevent the reproduction of dust mites within comforters in a natural way, based on essential oils. To find the duvet you need, always choose a comforter larger than the size of your mattress. If you tend to move around a lot during the night, a sufficiently large comforter will keep you covered all night long.

Each comforter is available in different sizes: for a single bed, opt for a 140x200 cm comforter; for double beds, go for 200x200 cm, 220x240 cm, 240x260 cm, 240x280 cm, 240x300 cm comforters.

If you'd like to find out more about how to choose your comforter, take a look at our dedicated article: How to care for your light duvet ?

How to care for your duvet ?

Your duvet is easy to care for in a 5kg washing machine, ideally with liquid detergent, which is softer than washing powder. For drying, we recommend inserting 2 or 3 dryer balls in the tumble-dryer to keep the duvet plump. Finally, remember to shake your comforter regularly to keep it perfectly distributed. What's more, when you buy a natural comforter (duck or goose filling), we'll give you 5 free wash doses. So go ahead : payment is 100% secure, and delivery and returns are free throughout the European Union.

Give your body the warmth and comfort it needs to spend a perfect night in bed.

If you'd like to extend the Pyrenex experience to the other seasons of the year, take a look at our temperate duvets for mid-season and our warm duvets for winter.