Which down jacket to choose?

When winter is getting more and more noticeable and temperatures start to drop, the first reflex we have is to put on our favourite down jacket. But you still need to have one!

At Pyrenex, we offer a wide range of puffer jackets to keep your body warm in all circumstances, whether you're in town, at the sea or even in the mountains. Pyrenex Fall-Winter 2021 collection meets everyone's needs. Fashionable down jackets, mountaineering layers, light down jackets, sleeveless down vests, long coats, fitted down jackets or oversized padded jackets... A wide choice to insulate you from the cold.

Our down jackets are filled with French duck down, a natural insulator that keeps your body warm. Indeed, duck down, produced in Saint-Sever in our very own Pyrenex factory, has the ability to capture air, forming an effective insulator and perfectly keeping your body heat regulated.

This winter, we have chosen to meet everyone’s needs: men, women, kids and even our little ones with a new collection for children aged 2 to 6.

Little down jacket pyrenex

Down jackets for every lifestyle

-        Urban "fashion" jackets

Pyrenex down jackets have been a trend-setting items for years and are perfect to match any chic or streetwear styles. This year, iconic models such as the Authentic and Vintage Mythic, as well as 100% Made in France jackets like the Tamara and Karla for women, and the Anton and Barry for men, are our favourite urban and fashion pieces.

Parka Pyrenex for women

-        Technical and mountaineering jackets

New for this season: Pyrenex is returning to its Pyrenean origins with a stellar collection paying tribute to its historic partnership with the alpinist Louis Audoubert, the brand's technical advisor in the 1970s.

This Pyrenex mountain capsule has been designed according to the temperature ranges required for mountaineering and the technical requirements for climbing the highest summits. Highly efficient, these Pyrenex jackets can be worn in extreme conditions down to -30°C like the Audoubert and Chinook XP jackets (men's models). There are also the Hudson XP (for men) and Meije XP (for women) jackets, which can be worn in temperatures down to -10°C.

Pyrenex mountain

Down jackets for every season

-        Warm down jackets

Ideal for winter, warm down jackets are generously filled with French duck down for maximum thermal insulation. They are perfect to insulate you from the cold down to -5°C. While mountaineering down jackets will insulate you from -10°C to -30°C. If you are looking for a warm down jacket to wear every day or a technical down jacket for your mountain expeditions, our autumn-winter collection will meet your needs. 

-        Lightweight down jackets

Designed for in-between seasons and cooler temperatures, Pyrenex lightweight jackets will bring you warmth and lightness in all circumstances. Even with a lighter filling, these jackets protect against mild temperatures from 15°C up to 5°C, such as the Bruce SC and Mauco (for men) and Masha SC and Eulalie (for women) jackets. To be worn over a jumper or under a coat, a light jacket will make the difference by bringing you more warmth.

-        Sleeveless down jackets

Down vests can be enjoyed in all seasons and are a must-have in your wardrobe. When the temperature cools down, you'll want to wear a sleeveless down jacket. The Spoutnic down vest, the Loic, the Bruce Vest and the Masha Vest will perfectly meet your needs. Very trendy these past seasons, they are very versatile items. You can indeed wear them just over a long-sleeved t-shirt or pair it with a warm hoodie or pullover for maximum warmth.

Down jackets adapted to every style and morphology

-        Semi-long VS short down jackets

If you are tall, mid-length jackets are for you. Pyrenex long jackets will protect you even more perfectly from the cold since they cover your torso all the way to your knees. On the other hand, if you're shorter, we advise you to opt for a short down jacket which will give you a taller silhouette. Yet we can’t validate oversized looks featuring long coats covering all the way to the ankles.

-        Fitted jackets VS classic

The vast majority of Pyrenex jackets have a straight/classical cut. Some of our models may be more fitted, such as the Mistral (men's) and Aviator (women's) models, which are tight at the bottom of the jacket. To find out the cut of the down jacket, go to the product specifications.

-        Oversize down jackets

Pyrenex oversized down jackets are very trendy and have become an essential part of the winter wardrobe. Our Vintage Mythic (unisex), Gilen (for men), Louna and Elaura (for women) models are perfect examples. Just take one or two sizes above your usual size for a loose cut.

Dow jackets fabrics

Our Autumn-Winter collection features a selection of shiny and 'matte / soft' jackets. To respond to everyone's tastes and styles, some models in are available in both versions, such as the Spoutnic, Vintage Mythic and Authentic down jackets.

Vintage mythic soft & shiny

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