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Ideal for protection from the cold and bad weather, women bomber jackets are essential everyday items in winter, but not only. Depending on the materials, their thickness and length, they can be very well suited for mid-season or even in the middle of the summer when temperatures cool down.

Warmth and comfort

At Pyrenex, this women's ready-to-wear garment has above all a unique quality: its ability to insulate from the cold and extreme conditions thanks to its natural down filling, the Pyrenex Manufacture's emblematic know-how. Very light, it provides an unparalleled volume and softness, offering effective insulation all year round, in spring, autumn and winter. Combined with water-repellent or waterproof fabrics, our womens bomber jackets are not afraid to face difficult humidity conditions, in urban and outdoor environments.

Function meets style

Our down-filled jackets don't forget an essential aspect of a woman's wardrobe: elegance. Available in both long and short cuts, fitted or more "oversize", our bomber jacket womens are suitable for both small and large sizes and fit all silhouettes. The wide range of colours, from classic black and navy blue to bold yellow, red or green, will satisfy all desires and styles. City, sea or mountains: Pyrenex bomber jackets are designed to brave any situation. Worn over faded jeans with your favourite pair of sneakers, this padded jacket will be perfect for a casual and sporty look.In a longer version, it will add a chic and discreet touch to your workwear and will easily replace trench coats and other coats that are often too classic.

And if the weather gets milder, our light down women's jackets, key pieces in the women's Spring/Summer collection, will accompany you on all your summer escapades.

Make the most of it, delivery and returns are free of charge on our online shop throughout the European Union. Also find our iconic men's jackets & coats from the Pyrenex winter collection.