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Fortunately, winter does not last twelve months, but sunny and warm days are not always on the menu the rest of the year! To meet your mid-season and summer adventures, the women's windbreaker provides efficient protection against elements and wind. It is the centerpiece of our spring-summer collection. These light, water-repellent and breathable jackets allow you to stay dry and let the air circulate within them. Easily transportable and compact, the women's windbreaker has become a must-have item in the women's wardrobe.

Specific fabrics for a light and modern look.

Waterproof or water-repellent, our light jackets are designed to protect you from the rain too! Despite its ultra light appearance, Pyrenex windbreakers are very resistant and very useful for their primary function. The polyamide fabric allows rainwater to slide off preventing it from penetrating the fabric.

These lightweight, casual jackets are blending different 100% polyamide fabrics and matte/shiny taffeta for the best looks. Polyamide makes these windbreakers very comfortable, breathable and practical to wear every day, no matter what your environment is. Taffeta modernizes the whole look by making it more aesthetical to wear : shiny for an urban style and matte for a more sportswear look.

All our Pyrenex jackets are positioned at the best possible price ; investing in a Pyrenex jacket represents a certain budget, that’s for sure, but this price is the result of intense researches for specific high-quality fabrics and design. For this reason, we strive to offer our customers a wide range of high performance and durable outdoor products.

A jacket for every situation.

Our collection of women's windbreakers is perfectly suited for outdoor sports activities. They limit heat loss and counter the wind with great efficiency. Thanks to the water-repellent fabric of these jackets, they evacuate smoothly water provided that the rain is not too heavy (for heavy rain, a rain coat with 100% tapped seams is the best ally).

Available in several sizes, with or without hood, with a waistband or in a straight or oversized cut, women's windbreakers adapt to all body types and all tastes. It is the great outdoors that we realize their performance, especially during a running session, or during your hikes in the mountains or by the sea.

A real asset to a "sportswear lifestyle", this light jacket will meet your needs for adventure and travel just like our women's light down jackets. These types of garments have the particularity of folding easily, which makes them ultra easy to carry.

All of these choices are geared towards our Pyrenex customers who lead an ever-changing lifestyle and need pieces that are easily adaptable to every situation and every clothing desire.

Effective against gales and "light" cold, our windbreakers can be insufficient in the middle of winter. This is where classic women's down jackets come in! They are perfectly suited during the coldest months of the year thanks to the natural French down filling.

A thin and trendy coat.

Although very popular among outdoor activities lovers, the women's windbreaker has become an essential fashionable piece of spring, summer and of course fall wardrobes. A must have in the women's clothing wishlist. Available in several shapes, our range of windbreakers can be worn with skirts or dresses, boyfriend jeans, a sweatshirt with sneakers or summer shorts with open shoes... The possibilities are numerous! The palette of colors goes from plain and chic tones like black, navy blue, khaki or red to multi-colored versions with very retro vintage trends. In short : it adapts to all styles and activities, from Sunday outgoings to everyday trips.

Fan of the "seamless" look of windbreakers but looking for a jacket that will protect you in the middle of winter ? Our women's parkas are perfect for a casual and classy approach. They will follow you during your walks in the mountains, in the city and in the great outdoors. Weatherproof !

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