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During the mid-season, the temperature of your room can be very variable. Should you use a winter or a summer duvet? Pyrenex to the rescue! Our bedding collection includes a selection of temperate duvets perfect for intermediate temperatures. They are suitable for temperatures between 18°C and 22°C, and can be used year round by most people. Weighing between 100g/m² and 200g/m², and filled with carefully selected natural goose and duck feather and down, these duvets have an exceptional heating power while remaining light, breathable and comfortably warm in all seasons despite their low weight.

Enjoy a great night’s sleep thanks to the thermal quality of our products, combined with the softness of cotton. Each temperate duvet is available in a range of sizes, between 140x200 cm and 300x240cm. Several models come with a 100% natural Greenfirst anti-mite treatment with essential oils of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. Durable performance even after several household washes at 90°C. In terms of maintenance, we recommend turning and shaking your duvet regularly to keep the down evenly distributed. Your duvet can be machine-washed (in a machine with 15kg capacity).

For each duvet purchased, we offer you 5 doses of liquid detergent, which is milder than powder detergent and will keep your duvet soft and bouncy for longer. So 5 washes are on us! Dry your duvet in a tumble-dryer with 2 to 3 dryer balls, to keep it as fluffy as when you bought it. There’s no reason to keep waiting! Treat yourself to one of our duvets (100% French duck and goose feather and down filling) today. For a fuss-free experience, payment on our online shop is 100% secure and delivery and returns are free.