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Women's down jackets are an essential part of women's wardrobes in winter and mid-season. With sometimes synthetic padding, or natural down filling as in all Pyrenex down jackets, it will keep you warm during the coldest periods and will provide you with optimal protection in case of bad weather thanks to its fabric which can be water repellent but also waterproof.

Women's down jacket is a fundamental item at Pyrenex. Down jackets are above all a matter of passion and history at our manufacture. For more than 160 years, we have been producing one of the best natural down in the world, which allows our range of quilted jackets and parkas to offer maximum protection against extreme temperatures, but also to bring you comfort and lightness during the mid-season when weather conditions are less harsh.

A warm down-filled coat blending technicality and style

First designed to provide optimal protection against extreme cold and extreme weathers thanks to its down filling, the down jacket has become over the years much more than a functional garment. This padded coat is today an essential element of our winter and mid-season wardrobes. Feminine and trendy, it exists in a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics. Centrepiece of our women's autumn / winter collection, you will find on our online store a wide choice of down jackets. Oversize or fitted, short or long, with or without sleeves, shiny or matte, with or without hood, light or bulky: we offer a wide choice of models and colours of women down jackets that can fit all styles and silhouettes.

Wrap-around cuts, generous hoods and natural French down filling are the key elements in the Autumn-Winter 2022/23 product line. You will also find a wide range of light jackets to fulfill your needs of moderate warmth for mid-season and in summer as well as jackets with waterproof fabrics and tapped seams to provide better protection against the rain and keep you dry as long as possible.

Puffer jackets to suit all looks

Over the past winters, the down jacket has definitely made a striking return into women fashion and trendy world. No matter your look, size or morphology, there’s always a down jacket that suits you: ultra-trendy and chic paired with a winter dress and warm tights, it can also bring an urban and sportwear touch when worn with straight jeans and trendy sneakers. All sizes are available in our collections from XXS to XXL in order to adapt to all morphologies and give our Pyrenex customers a wider choice. And if your favourite leather jacket or winter coat are irreplaceable; you can still opt for a lightweight and thin down jacket to wear as an underlayer: ideal to protect you from the cold.

First class insulation

All our winter coats - down jackets or parkas - are filled with 100% French natural down treated with passion and know-how since 1859. It allows our garments to face extreme temperatures conditions by offering an optimal insulation. Indeed, feathers and down have an exceptionally high insulating power as regards of their weight. This natural material, comfortable and durable, is ideal to store the heat and to protect against the cold while still guaranteeing an incredible lightness.

In cold weather, Pyrenex's line of women's bombers help keep you repaired during inclement weather while remaining fashionable. When buying a down jacket it is important to consider the filling as it represents an important investment in terms of price but this will be quickly offset by the quality of the products purchased and their durability over time.

New 2022-2023 winter collection : from mountain summits to the snowy city skyline

The new Autumn-Winter 2022/23 collection showcases the technicality and warmth of Pyrenex clothing expertly tailored for urban life. Deeply rooted to the Pyrenees mountain range, the brand revisits its alpine codes to take on the peaks and the frigid temperatures of the cities. Drawing its colour inspiration from the rooftops of Paris to those of the major world capitals, the new collection features garments of varying lengths sharing one common theme: cold and weather protection. Besides sober colours such as navy blue, khaki, beige or black, we added pop and flashy colours like red, bright blue, yellow or green. Our collection of women's down jackets offers shiny fabrics that bring a delicious touch of vintage and retro just like matte and classic finishes that guarantee an elegant style. Combined with modern, stretch, water repellent or waterproof fabrics, each Pyrenex women down jacket offers natural protection and breathability no matter your activity, whether in the city or in the mountains. This quilted jacket is a must-have item for winter and mid-season and has become a pillar of our collection. In the men's range, jackets and coats combine comfort, warmth and style to protect you in winter.

Added to this, our latest collection introduces an outdoor capsule dedicated to sporty activities. It features lightweight and compactable thin down jackets and vests as well as ultralight and warm alpinism jackets, custom-made to face temperatures down to -20°C.

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