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At Pyrenex, down and feathers have been a matter of passion and know-how since 1859. For more than 160 years, we have been producing one of the best natural down duvet in the world. Thanks to its filling power, our down jackets offer unfailing protection against extreme temperatures. Over the years, down jackets for women have become much more than just functional clothing - they have become trendy city items that are an essential part of our winter and mid-season wardrobe. Since the 1950s, it is the centrepiece of Pyrenex's expertise.

Down jackets, a very feminine fashion item.

To best meet your desire for evasion, we offer women's down jackets of all styles: "oversize" or fitted, retro or "bomber" looks, long or short, with or without sleeves... They are designed to suit all silhouettes. This choice of down jackets is completed by a large range of matte or shiny fabrics in either discreet or very bright colours to meet all your outfits. For a trendy and chic effect, you can match your padded jacket with a winter dress and stockings. It can also be worn with a more urban, sportswear or retro vintage style, as well as worn with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. For a more outdoor and sporty look, you can pair your outfit with a technical duck down jacket ideal for the mountains and extreme temperatures in winter. Also, to protect you from the cold, light down women jackets can be worn as layers, under your favourite leather perfecto or your winter coat. Made with modern, stretch, water-repellent or waterproof fabrics, Pyrenex women's down jackets offers natural protection and breathability whether you're active in the city or in the mountains. Some pieces to find on the men's range with our light down jackets for men.

The filling of duck down jackets.

Definitely feminine, the different models filled with natural duck down bring a lot of comfort, warmth in winter as well as lightness between seasons. The feathers and down of these down jackets have an exceptionally high insulating power compared to their weight and are as efficient as goose down. Depending on the season, the duck down filling will vary from one padded model to another. As in bedding, there is an ideal filling power for given temperature ranges. The thicker the down jacket, the warmer it will be. Conversely, the thinner the down jacket, the lighter and more regulated it will be, perfect for milder seasons.

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